Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Witch Boot Candy "Dish" Silhouette Project

Even before I knew Kenzie Daley had this design completed, my imagination ran wild! So much fun to build and embellish this unique Halloween focal piece!

I started with Snapdragon Snippets' Witch Boot file enlarged to 150%. A lace holes placket was improvised to provide contrast, with tool-punched eyelet holes and black eyelets. Tongue and upper front edges were dramatically curled using a knitting needle to roll the edges.
 I made the heel out of shiny black card stock. To help with stability, I divided 1/4 cup of doll body "sand" into baggies, then inserted one inside the heel and the other down the toe.

Embellishments include: pleated & stitched pumpkin doily "lace" at the ankle edges, painted green wooden beads at the violet lacing ends, paper cutouts, buttons, fabric patches with perle cotton stitching. To accent the toe point I attached a 4-layer card stock bat on a length of wire coiled around a pencil. Green tissue paper inserted in the opening keeps the candy from falling too far down.

Design files used: witch's boot (Snapdragon Snippets), bat circle mat with larger echo shape, candy swirl, Halloween shapes set, Halloween doilies (pumpkin edged with circle cut from center), bat.

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  1. Love the boot, just adorable. Especially the addition of the pumpkin doily.