Friday, March 10, 2017

Hidden Bins 3D Box

Rectangular box decorated with two offset panels 
measures approx. 5" tall x 3.375" wide x 3.375" deep. 
Sides open in clamshell fashion - 
split diagonally at top and bottom panels - 
to reveal . . . 
. . . three bins (two on left, one on right). 
Decorate the top with designs of choice. 
Or, use the coordinated size decorative additions 
"vine leaf scallop cir flourish" and "flower 3D daisy curl petals". 

(This assembly guide is under construction.
Please return soon to view the completed tutorial.)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wagon Full of Luck Card

St. Patrick's Day card - or simply good luck for a special event -
 measures approx. 5x7 when closed. 
Double front panels include punch holes for 
wheel units, wagon handle pivot. 
Wagon base shape includes shamrock silhouette 
for building remaining separate shamrock shapes onto. 
Wheels each have three punched layers that 
accept a mini-brad. Wagon includes a slat top layer. "Lucky" 
welded word tag can be tied with twine and placed 
at center (shown) or tied to glued-in-place handle opening. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base       B offset outer panel
C center panel
D shamrocks/wagon box base
E wagon box base     F wagon panel accent
G shamrocks base silhouette
H individual shamrocks
I wheel with hub base & accent
J handle    K tag base with "Luck" cut
2. Complete pre-assembly of units:
a. layer the individual shamrocks onto base
(beginning with center, then sides)
b. layer wagon box accent onto box base
c. layer hub accents onto hub bases
d. layer hub units onto wheel bases
3. Layer the wagon box unit onto the
shamrocks/wagon box base silhouette
(which provides a base behind shamrocks).
4. Position and attach the wagon box unit
onto the front panel, lining up the punch hole 
at handle end, also taking care that the wagon
bottom edge remains parallel above the wheel hub
punch holes, indicated by pointing finger.
5. Position and attach the wheels
over the punch holes in the panel.
6. Position and attach the shamrocks unit assembly
over the upper portion of the wagon base unit,
with bottom straight edge abutted next to
wagon box upper straight edge, centered
side to side.
7. Position the front panel unit over the
offset panel base, taking care to line up
the punch holes accurately, and attach.
9. Position and attach the wagon handle.
Add regular size brad fasteners at wheel
centers, small brad at handle pivot.
10. Tie twine box to layered tag,
then position and attach tag to the wagon as desired.
Here is the completed card.

Shamrock Echo 3D Ornament

Curl pairs of strips and attach to center strip 
at guide marks, then assemble middle and two sides 
into a dimensional shamrock for St. Patrick's Day fun. 
Decorate with center scalloped circle and heart. 
Embellish with ribbon bow on stem, nail heads at joints, 
twine or ribbon at top hang hole. 
Measures approx. 8.75" wide x 7.75" tall x 1" deep. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
NOTE that for the model, printed paper weight
(65 lbs. or lighter) with one side printed was
used, prompting two strip shapes to be cut
for each "loop", gluing them back to back
as described later).
A  left long and short loop strips
B right long and short loop strips
C center outer strips with guide hole cuts
and center 3 layers
D & H side loop reg long and short loop strips
E & G side loop modified long & short loop strips
F & I 3-layers of center post strips.
NOT SHOWN: 2 scallop circles and heart medallion
(refer to step 16)
For the model, regular weight print (one sided) paper
was used, so duplicate shapes were cut
for each long and short strip . . . 
. . . and glued back to back.
If doing this "glue-up", it will be important . . . 
. . . to add the curl to the loop strips before
the glue is set, to allow strip to "self-adjust" a bit
during the curling process.
2. Use a rod-shaped tool such as this pen barrel 
to run under the inside of the strip to form
the curl of the shamrock lobe,
while applying finger or thumb pressure
(think curling ribbon).
Also bend the end "tab" forward.
3. Prepare the center "post" strip by
layering the middle three strength layers
and gluing together, aligning edges and
punch hole as closely as possible.
Also layer the decorative paper front and
back shapes carefully on top.
NOTE the alignment positioning holes
that are cut into the front and back shapes
(but not the strength interior layers).
This is approximately how the long
and short strips and center post
should appear before assembly.
4. Position the top of the long strip over
the top of the short strip, lining up edges
and guide holes, and glue together the area
just below the hole to the end of the strips.
5. Repeat the process to overlay the long
strip bottom end over the top of the short strip end
with holes aligned, and glue entire "tab" area.
6. Position the top end of the strip,
pointing toward the bottom of the center post
as shown, align guide holes, and glue
the end in place from approx. 1/8" above the
strips' holes to the end of the strips.
7. Curl the pair unit downward to line up
the bottom tabs' guide holes with the lower
hole on the center post, and glue tab in place.
(Be sure to apply pressure to both the upper
and lower "joints" until they are secure.)
8. Repeat the process for the other half
of the upper leaf, positioning and
attaching the upper end . . .
. . . and the lower end as
previously described.
9. Layer the three side leaf center strips,
aligning edges and guide holes.
10. Bend each side post assembly slightly forward
at the middle perforation.
11. Prepare the side unit outer (underside) long & short strips,
and inner long & short strips, which should appear
roughly as shown below.
NOTE that for each side "leaf" unit,
the underside loops are slightly shorter.
12. Assemble the side leaf unit in similar fashion
to the center unit, attaching the top end . . . 
. . . and the lower end, for the first half
(if this is the lower half, 
use the shorter pair of strips) . . .
. . . then the second half upper . . . 
. . . and lower joints.
13. Bend and "squeeze" to crease the side unit
at the middle bend as shown.
14. Position the left side unit (shorter half in lower
position) into the angle at the bottom of the center unit . . .
. . . and glue the side post strip (with in-place tabs)
to the center post using a strong, quick-grab adhesive
(such as Fabri-Tac). Hold in place until secure
or . . .
. . . use folio clips on both sides, top and lower,
to hold the assembly together while glue dries.
15. Repeat for the opposite side "leaf" unit
(shorter loops in the lower position) to assembly,
position and attach to the center stem.
16. Layer the heart and scalloped circle shapes,
then position over the seam area and glue in place.
Also line up the second circle on the backside
of the shamrock assembly in identical position
with the front circle, and attach in place.
17. Finish the ornament by: 1) placing decorative studs
over the guide holes at center and side stems; 
2) attaching a length
of ribbon for a hang loop at top;
3) tie a knot and bow around stem at bottom.
Wishing you luck this St. Patrick's Day season!