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  1. Jodi, I am making your Christmas Measure Up and I'm having a very difficult time finding fabric for the face, ears and nose. Do you have any suggestions on where to go or specific fabrics I could order?

  2. No suggestions. When I am looking for flesh tone fabric, I sometimes have to tea dye a light pink to get something that is less pink and more brown. I actually use Rit Dye/taupe color, very weak dye bath, like tea to drink in color. That usually results in a peachy pink that is toned down. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Jodi I am working on the Fall Ensemble Project that you did the tutorial on last year and for the life of me I cannot understand what size to cut any thing I am using MTC software and Blackcat Lynx machine. Everything just looks strange to me and I have been doing papercrafting for a pretty long time. Is there anything you could do to help me? Thank you so much.

    1. Bobbi, I am afraid that as a designer, I am not that up to date on the different systems that can use the svg files we publish. I will forward your request and concerns to our technical guy Mike and we'll see if he can come up with a good solution. I will need a more direct way to contact you, so you can email me directly at hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot(com). Or go to the SnapDragon Snippets.com customer service tabs and request help there. Or to the SVG Attic customer service tab and request help there, which ever site you purchased through.