Monday, June 2, 2014

July 4th Dimensional Box Card

You can create this to send,
but why not make one for your own summer decor?
Full of fun celebration elements,
it also has a colonial kind of flare.
Bottomless box "frame" is built and decorated
with box sides and flaps accent shapes
to allow you to use that fun patriotic print paper.
Two bridge strips span the interior
where the other elements can be attached.
It still can be folded flat, but once opened,
all the fun jumps out to be enjoyed,
including USA and stars on back flap,
fireworks burst and 1776 scalloped circle,
simple star flag and firework rocket,
July 4th plaque.
Design available soon from SnapDragon Snippets
through SVG Attic or Silhouette America online store.

1. Identify and cut the pieces. The accent pieces on upper right are the "flap" shapes. Those in the lower center are the "box" accent shapes.

2. Add the box accent shapes to the front side of the box body, as "offset" or interior echo shapes (that is, they have a narrow margin of box body showing around the sides and top).

3. Add the flap accent shapes to the inside surfaces of the box body, also as offset shapes. The shorter trio have bottom straight edge that aligns at the flap perforation line. The center flap also has small star cutout accents that should be glued in place.

4. Fold the box body into a tube by folding at the vertical perforation lines. Join the side seam of the box body by folding tab under, overlapping the opposite box lower side straight edge. Take care that the lower straight edge is aligned correctly so that the bottom edge is continuously a straight edge.

5. Fold the tabs back on each end of both bridge strip shapes.

6. Apply glue to the tab surfaces that will touch the interior box sides. Position and attach the first bridge strip 1/3 of the distance from box front to box back, with upper edges of bridge and box flap perforation edges even, as shown. Hold the tabs against the box sides until they are barely attached, then move to the next step to test while they can still be adjusted.

7. Fold the box into its flat position as shown, then pinch the bridge fold connection(s) between fingers to make slight adjustments as necessary to make sure the bridge fits and folds correctly. Then unfold to it's regular box shape.

8. Attach the second bridge as for the first in step 6, placing it halfway back in the space between the first bridge and the back of the box interior space. Perform the gluing, holding until lightly secure, folding into flat shape and pinching to make the adjustments, if necessary.

9. Prepare the decor shapes. Here they are all shown layered to their completed form. NOTE that the firework "burst" shape in the center has a decorative glitter front layer and a second layer behind in a matched color cardstock to give it body and strength.

10. Attach the stars trio with base shape at the top of the back flap. Attach the USA layered shape below it.

11.  Attach the fireworks burst shape behind the back bridge, centered. 

12. Prepare the 1776 medallion and attach it in front of the base part of the fireworks burst shape. For added dimension, I am adding foam dimension squares to the back of the medallion before attaching it. 

13. Attach the rocket and mini flag to the front of the first bridge as shown.

14. Prepare the July 4th plaque to the front flap.

This image demonstrates one way to help with the individual cut letter positioning. Save the cut-out "weeding" scrap from your cut process, position it over the plaque and secure with masking or other temp tape. Apply adhesive within the letter spaces, position and press the letters in place until lightly attached, then peel and remove the guide.

15. Attach the plaque centered and near the top of the front flap so that the stars row shows well.

16. If you are planning to enclose this card in the SnapDragon Snippets envelope especially made for the dimensional nature of these cards, be sure to position the decor pieces so that they are all contained with a 7x7 in square when the box is folded flat, as is shown here.

Here is a side view of the box card to get a good view of where the decor shapes are attached. Of course, you are welcome to come up with your own arrangement.

Here is the completed box card.
Hope you enjoy creating and displaying it.
If you have suggestions or ideas for other event or occasion box cards,
leave your ideas in the comments section of this posting.
You may see your idea "brought to life" in a future card design.


  1. I so love this box card!!! Almost finished making mine. Waiting on stickles to dry so I can attach the rocket. I am totally addicted to box cards. :)

  2. Me, too. Do you have any ideas about design combinations you want to see created for download?

  3. Jodi,
    I can't find the envelope that fit this card in the Sil Store. Item# Please!!!! I love this box

    1. Here is the file design ID number in the Silhouette store.
      Hope that helps.

  4. Very cute card. I was somewhat disappointed when I bought it on Silhouette and thought I would be able to print the designs then cut. Now searching for paper to make this look good.

  5. I love this box card! So impressive. This will also be a great home decor item for the 4th of July.

  6. Hi Jodi! This card is awesome! Do you have a video showing the process starting from the layout in Silhouette Design Studio?

    1. Glad you like it. Me too! I don't have a video, but my tutorial here should help you identify the pieces so you will know which ones to cut from different paper colors. You can email me directly with questions, if you wish, but if you are struggling with using the Silhouette Studio software, they have a bunch of tutorials through Silhouette America blog and youtube, etc. hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com

    2. I just purchased yanks am excited to try it. My question is about the front July applying the tape and saving the weeding and adhesive in the letter spaces. New at this. Any help. Thanks in advance!!

    3. The process referred to in the tutorial is simply a way to use the leftover "waste" paper from around the cutout letters (assuming you leave them grouped as they show up in the original download when you cut out the word). The "weeded" or waste portion can be placed over your card front flap to help position the letters. Using a piece of temporary sticking tape such as "masking" or temp cellophane tape allows you to keep it in place as you work, then remove it when you are done gluing the individual letters. I now prefer to cut the weeded portion in half, using the bottom half only as the positioning guide. This makes removal easier, so the letters don't get pulled off when it is removed.