Saturday, October 10, 2015

Masquerade 3d Embellished Mask

Fancy ball mask can be part of the elegant fun 
for a themed party, New Year's Eve bash, 
or as Spooky decor for Halloween. 
Overlay decorations provide options, including  "platform" 
for attaching paper-covered 5/16" diam. dowel wand. 
Embellish with jewel or stud swirls, glittered paper shapes. 
Add edge trim, feathers, rosettes, sequins, tulle, buttons
ribbons, or whatever your imagination can contrive. 
Measures approx. 10" wide x 6” tall 
(plus 14" tall wand) when assembled. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:

A upper mask shape
B-C eye socket upper mask shapes
D-E eye socket lower mask shapes
F-G left & right hole reinforcements
H embellishments platform for left side
I upper wand (dowel cover)
J lower want (dowel cover)
K collar with attachment end tabs
L upper reinforcement shape
M-P eye socket reinforcement shapes
(NOTE M-P are duplicate cuts for B-E)

Embellishment shapes:

Black are paper contrast shapes.

White are unpeeled double stick adhesive shapes for applying glitter.

2. Prepare the upper mask shape by bending back on all perforations, including the center and angled center perforations.

3. Prepare the eye socket upper shape by bending upper tabs back, bending vertical and angled perforations back slightly.

4. Prepare the eye socket lower shape by bending end tabs back. 

Also bend slightly on the vertical and angled perforations: 
first angled perf line = forward
all others = back

5. Join the (left shown) eye socket upper shape under the corresponding arch of the upper shape, by positioning the first (inner end) tab at the first straight edge angle above the nose teardrop end, overlapping the straight edge to line up exactly at the perforation fold line, then holding until secure.

6. Continue to position and attach the next straight edges of the upper mask along the tab perforation lines of the eye socket upper shape, one at a time, bending the socket shape to help the edge and line come together.

Shown here is the second tab and edge . . . 

. . . and shown here is the third edge and tab.

Continue this process until all five edges and tabs are attached. 

Repeat for the opposite side upper eye socket shape.

Here is the assembly so far.

7. Position the left lower eye socket shape front tab to align with the lower front straight edge of the upper eye socket shape as shown. Overlap the straight edge at the perforation line, adjust so that the edge and tab perf line top and bottom align, then apply pressure and hold in place until secure.

8. Identify the back straight edge of the upper eye socket where the lower socket end tab will attach. It is just behind the curved edge  of the eye lid narrow cut out, as indicated here.

Slide the tab under the upper socket edge, align straight edge at tab perf line, adjust for end alignment, then hold in place until secure.

Repeat for the right side of mask.

The mask front is now complete.

9. Prepare reinforcement shapes by folding on perforation and tab lines as was done for the main mask shapes.

10. Position the upper shape against the backside of mask, lining up upper edges to correspond with appropriate mask cut edges, lower edges to line up behind the tab perforation lines of the eye socket upper shape. Glue in place.

12. Position and attach the upper eye socket shape in similar fashion, lining up lower cut edges of reinforcement shape with main mask edges, tabs behind the straight edges of the upper reinforcement shape.

Position and attach for left and right.

13. Position and attach the lower eye socket shapes in similar fashion.

14. Position the left and right backside hole reinforcement shapes.

Allow liquid adhesive to dry thoroughly to be strong for the embellishment processes that follow.

15. Position and attach the embellishment paper shapes as desired.

Here is the assembled mask with embellishment shapes in place.

16. For optional glitter application, cut,
peel and . . . 

. . . position double sided adhesive accent shapes as desired . . .

. . . peel off top liner, then apply glitter.

17. Add other surface embellishments as desired.

The sample mask has rhinestone stickers attached. Shown here is the product that the mask was specifically designed to hold. (From Michaels Hobby and Craft, "Recollections" Halloween Boo Rhinestone Stickers sku 886946707797)

Rhinestone shapes were trimmed and divided into sections that could conform to the mask, then attached over swirl edge shapes, etc.

Here is the rhinestone and glitter decorated sample mask.
At this point of the assembly, ribbon lengths can be attached
through punch holes, and be considered complete.

18. Pre-pare the optional wand by folding the upper and lower cover shapes as shown: fold back on each of the long perforation lines; fold hex cap end and tabs back.

Cut a length of 5/16" diam. wooden dowel to a 13.5" length.

19. Form each want shape into a tube, overlapping the straight long edge over the long tab (ends are slightly tapered), adjust ends to align, then apply pressure all along the edge until completely secure.

It may be helpful to wrap the wand cover around the dowel as a "press against" surface while gluing the seam.
20. Bend cap tabs inward, apply glue and insert into the end of the tube. Hold until secure.

21. Insert the dowel into the lower wand cover (dowel will stop when it reaches cap tabs inside, slightly short of the end), then slide the upper cover over the opposite (top) end of the dowel. Rotate the upper cover tube to find the best perf line alignment position.

22. Prepare the collar shape by bending end tabs forward slightly, bending back on perforation lines in between, as shown.

23. Apply glue to the backside of the collar, including one tab, then wrap collar around wand cover seam. 

Bring end tabs together, then adjust . . . 

. . . so that the tabs are a "flat" extension from one of the hex sides as shown.

The tab and the collar's section surfaces (along with a certain portion of the wand covers) will be glued to the embellishment platform backside, a little later in assembly.

24. Position and attach the platform shape behind the right side of the mask, with punch holes lined up, and the offset shaped edges lined up with swirl edges of mask.

25. Position the wand/collar tabs behind the platform, check visually from the mask front for best positioning: wand should generally be perpendicular to the horizontal center of the mask.

Hold in position while turning the mask and want over, then glue collar/tab and wand surfaces that touch in place onto platform.

Use a quick grab adhesive such as hot glue to securely attach.

26. Now comes the fun!

Assemble selected embellishments, arrange and attach to mask.

Use the circle base for pleated ribbon or tulle rosette, if desired. Here, you can see the circle base from the backside, with sequin fringe in place. The sample mask includes a fabric-covered button with glitter added for the center of the rosette assembly. 

Glitter and sequin ball and feather pick components, 
spiral binding section, silver spiral picks, web lace, 
and extra stud jewels were added to the sample.


  1. I was just wondering where the cut files come from for your site? Someone referred me here to get cut files for a chalice, however, I don't see anywhere that you sell them?

    1. Our cut files, including the first communion chalice, are sold through two sites we own, (individual designs) and SVG Attic (sets of coordinated designs). We also sell through Silhouette America. Hope this helps.

  2. What kind of materials did you use or would you recommend? Regular Paper, Cardstock? Chipboard?

    1. The papers I used were textured cardstock or plain cardstock.