Thursday, July 19, 2018

Santa Pillow Gift Box

Classic pillow or "turn over" style gift box for goodies
measures approx. 5.5" long x 3" wide. 
This design features layered Santa head with faux belt band.
A similar, companion design is 
the Reindeer Medallion Pillow Box.
(Shapes layout is provided below for this variation.
Assembly will be similar.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A pillow box hull
B belt strip  C head silhouette (shows thru as face)
D hat  E hat fur strip  F hat tassel ball
G eye shapes (black) and highlight underlay
H beard shape    I mustache shape
J nose  
Reindeer Medallion Gift Box shapes:
A box hull   B medallion base
C medallion accent rim  D medallion center
E head with antlers base  F head with ears
G face shape   H eye contrast & nose
2. Prepare the box hull shape by bending back
on the panel edges and side flange tab perforations.
Also carefully bend back along the curved perforation
lines at each end for front and back end flaps.
3. Fold the flange tab back, fold the box hull
in half and glue the seam.
4. To close the ends, fold one of the flaps inward . . .
. . . then fold the other. This bending back is different
from a straight edge fold and will involve a
sort of "snap" action.
4. Prepare to assemble the santa head by
laying out the shapes.
5. Layer the eye shapes (black) over the contrast
(white) underlay with edges even (or white concealed)
and glue together.
6. Position and attach the beard shape on
the head building silhouette. BEFORE the nose
edge of beard shape is attached, 
position and tuck the eye shapes under slightly.
7. Position and attach the hat and mustache shapes.
8. Position and attach the nose, fur brim and
top tassel ball.
9. Preview where you will attach the head assembly
on the box front so that you can determine where
the belt strip will be positioned, then . . . 
. . . center the strip across the front of the box
as shown, and glue in place. Then . . . 
. . . wrap strip ends around to back, creasing
at box edges to match the hull bends,
and overlap ends, and glue in place.
10. Position head assembly, centered and overlapping
the belt strip as shown, and attach in place.
Here is the completed, closed Santa Pillow Gift Box.
And the companion Reindeer Medallion Pillow Box.

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