Saturday, May 11, 2019

Small 3D Lacy Square Box with Inverted Sides

A smaller version of the larger inverted side square box,
this smaller version features inward-slanted base sides 
with lace edge slanted side “wrap” panels. 
Lid has lace panel and offset accent panels 
( and fits onto base tray with flanges. 
Base top opening is approximately 3.5"x3.5"; 1.75” height
Box footprint is approx. 4.5” square. 
Smaller box is shown with a sunflower style version
“Flower 3D Center Dome with Swirl Vine” designs 
(without the swirl vine shape) for 
lid dimensional accent. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box base    B base insert reinforcements (1-2)
C base side lace panels (4)
D base side accent overlays (4)
E lid lace main panel
F, G (narrow border show thru) & H: 
lid accent squares
I lid under panel with flange slots
J under-lid accent & reinforcement panel
K lid flange double side walls (2)
L 3D flower petal whirls #1-#5
M 3D flower fringe petal whirls #6-7
N flower center button
O center button confetti circle punches
base assembly collar stack shapes (6-7)
(shown stacked in this layout)
2. The small inverted sides box follows exactly
the same assembly steps as the large box does
(refer to that tutorial HERE), except that shapes
are smaller scale, with 'K' lid flange side walls
shapes as double-length - that is, two corner
seams do not need to be joined separately.
Follow the LINK above to that tutorial, then complete
steps 2-15 (NOTE the small lid may fit somewhat
more snugly.)
Here is the completed small square box.
3. If desired, complete the "Flower 3D Center
Dome with Swirl Vine" design using shapes L-Q
(omit the vine and leaf swirl shape)
in the layout shown in step 1, referring to this LINK.
4. Position and attach flower in center of lid.
 Here is the completed box with sunflower project.

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