Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spider In A Papercraft Halloween Wreath

Full of favorite things! When I saw the inspiring original of this wreath in an upscale boutique, I instantly wanted my own. And my Silhouette empowers me to make the attempt.

Great timing, too. I have been scouting a chance to feature the 3D spider from Snapdragon Snippets. What a great chance to use my extensive collection of Stuff!

Examining the boutique wreath, I discovered a great innovation: wrap the wreath base form (theirs was straw; mine is 12" extruded foam) with "Green Wrap" shipping honeycomb packing paper. 

Since my base started white, I wrapped  a first layer of taupe lightweight home dec leftover fabric. Both were cut into 3-4" wide strips, with joints glued in place on the wreath backside. "Freaky Fabric" loose weave adds the next texture to the base.

Here is a pre-assembled grouping of the embellishment elements. Some of the top layer circles were slashed to center then cut edges overlapped to create a slightly cupped shape. Spider, star and black circles have glitter added.

To create the fold-over circles garland, I used the ovals design tool to shape a 1" circle, duplicated it, then moved it to overlap slightly, and finally used the weld tool to combine the shapes. After cutting, these are folded to align halves enclosing the jute twine, and glued in place side by side.

Some surprising materials: White "poppies" are 3 coffee filters. (Tea dye-dip and center-scrunch, then cluster. Brewed coffee  makes a good overdye for the vintage effect.) Black twill tape fringe centers were glued between 3 gathered filter sheets. Black door screen mesh is gathered and stitched. Separated platinum-colored holly with jewel sprigs, fine netting ribbon rosettes, fringe "beads" for centers are other items included.

Paper tassels are recycled Bible pages, layered and stitched together, then "fringed" by rotary cutting at 1/4" intervals, "rolled" and glued, finally tea-dyed and wind-dried (makes them fluffy!).

What would I do differently next time? Start with a larger wreath -- I had so much fun, there were too many shapes to fit on. I'm already thinking about another vintage-style wreath for other holidays decor. 

Shapes used:
3d spider by Snapdragon Snippets, scalloped layering shapes, pleated rosettes, simple flowers, Halloween Trick or Title Ornate Frame. 

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  1. Love this – gave me so many ideas for the wreath my daughter is demanding for her Halloween party.

    Cath Brookes
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