Monday, January 28, 2013

February On the Docket Part 3: Checker & Applique

 Prepare strip sets with background (orchid) and main color (red) as shown, stitching with conventional stitch length. Press seams toward red.

Trim strip sets into 3 segments following pattern instructions. 
 Arrange 3 segments into the 9-patch checker block as shown on left of photo.

Also arrange 2 segments into the 6-patch.

Join segments; press toward red-majority side.
For machine overedge applique panel, cut panel background rectangle. Mark 1/4" seamline with temp marker to assist with positioning. 

Trace heart shape (x4) on paper side of fusible web. Separate if necessary, then fuse to backside of two heart fabrics. Cut out.

Remove paper backing. Position evenly within marked seamline, then fuse. 

You can complete machine applique blanket stitching at this step, or join panel into quilt and complete at that time when it may be easier to manipulate the fabric at the machine.

Adjust machine settings for a short, narrow blanket stitch. Set up machine with matching thread. Carefully overedge the heart raw edge, with the "straight" part of the stitch falling along the applique edge as shown here, and the "swing" part of the stitch piercing slightly into the heart. Stitch all around.

Leave long thread tails at beginning and end of applique run for tying off.

 Pull bobbin thread on backside to show loop from front thread, then use a straight pin to pull the front tail through to back. Do this for both tails from front.
Gather the tails into two bundles, then tie a square knot. Clip threads to 1/4".

Arrange blocks and panels for quilt top. Join smaller sections with conventional seams as shown, then continue joining into larger panels at corresponding seams until top is completed. 

Continue the February On the Docket project in Tutorial 4.

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