Monday, January 28, 2013

Embellished Valentine Candy Tin

 The thrill of decorative embellishments - and chocolate, too! Digital cut file designs by Snapdragon Snippets (and others) are the core of this display candy tin, beginning with the two-layer heart with lacy edge. Flowers, swirl heart, flourishes, "love" tag and scalloped circles enrich the mix. Ribbon, netting, commercial flower petal circles, covered buttons, stickers, and more provide the interest.

This treasure began life (or entered MY life) as a cast-off thrift store bargain. No notion then that it would become the foundation  of something grand!

My designing start was to see if I could find a heart the correct basic shape to enlarge to fit. What a blessing that it was waiting there in the repertoire of my favorite Silhouette designer Kenzie Daley.
 Upright and providing a focal point in a metal easel, it shows off its goodies a bit better. Paper edges are antiqued, holes were designed into the inner heart edge to lace burgundy silk ribbon, pre-designed satin rhinestone swirl (from Hobby Lobby) got me going. And then t was hard to stop.

Inspiration came from a decorative "book" project on display at my favorite scrapbooking supply outlet Heartfelt Creations in Sandy, Utah.

Hope you like it, too.


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    1. I am glad you do, 'cause you are my most important 'critic', but you LIVE in a completely different time of the day than I do!

  2. Hi Jodi,

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