Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine "Miscellany" Wreath

That "M" word in the title simply means...
"a whole bunch of my favorite things."
This time around, those include glittered mini heart accents, bottle cap lettering,
widely varied paper flowers, burlap and striped ribbon,
and a 3d hanging heart that got glittered at the same time that I did.
I even found a place for a fabric flower made for me by a
cherished sister-in-law.

Here you can see the "clustered" coffee filter rosettes being added to a fabric-wrapped straw wreath form. This time I chose unbleached instead of white filters to give my project a vintage look.

A closeup here shows the 3d hanging heart dangling inside the wreath's hollow.

Near the bottom is a darling skeleton key (one of my favorite symbols of love) created by Snapdragon Snippets. I cut and glued together 3 identical shapes to give it substance and strength.

"Starring" near the burlap and striped grosgrain bow is this wonderful damask cupid.
I added sewn tube loops of plaid print fabric to the bow, since I couldn't find those colors or that pattern available in commercial ribbon. 

These wreath projects are always so invigorating, because of the scope for creativity. My problem: I often plan too much into it, and find myself eliminating things in the assembly stage.

Happy Valentine's Day 2013!

Shapes used: 3d hanging heart, 2 short skeleton keys (from Snapdragon Snippets);
 valentine damask (cupid), miscellaneous hearts and flower or petal shapes, envelope.


  1. Another lovely project!!! Wow!!! You are so talented! :)

    1. Thanks for kind words. Glad you are visiting to see what I post.