Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sunflower 3d Box Tutorial

For those sunny days from mid summer to fall,
here is a snappy little sunflower 3d box with lid
made from cardstock measuring approx. 4 1/4" x 5" x 1 3/4". 
The design file is available for purchase
from SnapDragon Snippets through the
Silhouette America online store.
Create one to freshen your decor displays,
fill with lemon drops as a gift, 
hold paper clips or other small desktop items.

As shapes are cut, mark the "north" position on the petal rings and centers as they are removed from cutting mat. Also number the 6 individual petals 1-6 from "north" position clockwise around as they are shown in original design download. 
The bottom set of star shapes and boxing strips are for the BASE, and the top set are for the LID (with centering alignment hole). NOTE that the lid and base each have two star shapes cut: one to attach to boxing strip, and the other for top (or bottom) FACE shape to hide construction tabs. 

Begin by folding the boxing shapes at perforations. (See the next two images for specifics.)

For BASE, identify the narrower "curve" sections on the strip (tabs will have 3 wedges). Fold perforations on each side of curve sections as "valley" or face-to-face folds. Fold remaining perfs as "mountain" or back-to-back folds. Then fold the lower edge tabs back (mountain folds).

For LID, repeat the folding prep process. The lid has a set of straight "tabs" at the top edge as shown in this image (actually will be the lower edge of lid boxing when in place). These are the rim reinforcement tabs to strengthen the lid edge, and will be folded back (mountain) to the inside and glued in place.

Add curl to narrow sections.
Use a round pencil shaft placed behind
the base boxing strip then curl just that section slightly as shown.

For the lid strips, first fold back (mountain folds) and rim edge tabs and glue in place. Leave the end narrow tab unfolded (to be folded back after boxing is attached), then repeat the shaping process for the narrow "curl" sections. 

Begin to add first strip to base star shape. Apply adhesive to one curl tab and 2 straight "star point" tabs only. With bottom tabs folded perpendicular to strip, slide the star edge curve edge into the curve of the strip until it is snug. 

Immediately align the star point tabs around the adjacent point, pushing until point edges are snug against perforations.Place on a flat surface and apply pressure BOTH down against star and tabs, and from side to ensure that perforation is snug against curved and straight cut edges of star shape.  

Use a pointed tool (like this knitting needle) to ensure that star point does NOT curl or bend out of place, and to apply pressure to create a good bond of tabs to star all the way to point. Work the three edges and hold until glue is secure.

Repeat this "3 tab" gluing operation until the first strip is in place. This image shows the progress as more tabs are glued in place. NOTE that the tabs are visible on the bottom (outside) of the base star shape.

Apply pressure from the outside of the point and curve to continue to "snug" the star shape edges into the angle of the strip and tab perforations. Pieces should fit together accurately at each step to prevent an accumulation of inaccuracies. 
When one strip is in place, attach the first 3-tab set to appropriate star edges, THEN glue the strip-to-strip tab and strip end; make sure the end edge aligns snuggly against the vertical perforation of the tab. Doing it in this order helps ensure that the boxing perforations end up perpendicular to the base star shape.

Continue until the second strip is completely attached, then join the end tab to the lead edge as shown here. 

This picture shows the tab and lead edge being glued from the outside view of the base box.

Apply glue to all of underside of outer star shape, then position to cover tabs construction. Once adjusted for accurate placement, place face-side down on flat surface and apply pressure until glue is secure.

The base is now completed.

Repeat the boxing strip process for lid. When both strips are in place with end tabs joined, fold the final rim reinforcement tabs inward and glue in place. Attach the top FACE star shape, and the lid is now complete.

Build the sunflower on the six point star shape (shown as green in sample). Compare shapes to layour for "north" positioning, then to attach bottom & second rings of petals, and "solid" flower center. Attach the top center (with punched holes). Here one shape is shown with pencilled "north" arrow to help as it was removed from the cutting mat. "North" on the box lid is a point, shown top center on the largest image at the beginning of this tutorial.

With center shapes in place, glue individual top petals in place over their specific undershapes of the middle section. No. 1 shape is just left of the "north" position, then 2-5 rotate clockwise around the flower. Refer to the photo image of completed flower, next, to see in which positions these petals will be placed.

Here is the completed lid with north point of star at the top center.

Prepare and attach bee layers. Fold wing layer at center, then apply glue to fold ONLY, attach and hold fold in position on body until secure. Attach eyes.

Attach a small foam square to bee underside at front and tail. This image shows prepared bee. Determine your desired position, then remove protector strips from foam squares surface and affix bee in place.

Fit lid over base, and your box is complete!

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  1. Thank you!! I couldn't have put this box together without you :)