Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Block 3d Box Decor Construction Tutorial

Looks like it is made of wood blocks,
but it is really constructed of card stock, and it is nearly as durable!
Cut and assemble three base-and-lid rectangle boxes, fit the parts together 
(with stem assembled and inserted through LID of center section).
Insert notes, lightweight treats, etc., before closing, if desired.
Or glue the three boxes together.
Flip-out hole-punch tabs on the back of the outer boxes
provides a stringing hole to help keep jute or ribbon in the two-thirds up spot.

Step 1. Cut the three box bases and lids, plus the stem, as shown above.

Step 2. Fold the base and lid pieces at perforations of sides and tabs as "mountain" folds (fold back). This image is showing the star cutout on the tab which indicates that the piece is a BASE (or smaller to fit inside the LID) piece.

All lids and bases are constructed with the same process. These images are using the center box to demonstrate construction. Differences between the center and side boxes are: A) center box LID includes the irregular hexagon opening for inserting the stem piece; B) side boxes include the flip-out hole tabs on the back side.

Step 3. Apply glue to the tabs. It may be best to work with the two tabs on one end in one gluing step, then the other two tabs in a second gluing step.

Step 4. Bring the tab perforation and the adjacent side cut edge together and align them exactly. Hold and apply pressure until glue is secure.

NOTE that this piece is the center LID with the hex cut out hole.

Join all four corners in this process.

Step 5. Complete all LID and BASE pieces as illustrated above, gluing corner tabs and adjacent side cut edges.

When working with the side LID pieces, flip the hole tabs out to accept the tied-on string or ribbon later.

(If you don't want or need these tabs, use your Silhouette Studio tools to ungroup, unweld (release compound path) and move or delete these lines and shapes.)

Step 6. Fold the stem on side perforations and top tab perforations as "mountain" folds. Fold the bottom tab perforations as "valley" (outward) folds.

Step 7. Apply glue to the face surface of the long side tab. Bring opposite cut edge and perforation together, align and apply pressure (insert fingers into ends, distorting roundish shape as needed) until glue is secure.

Step 8. Apply glue to upper end tabs.

Step 9. Fold lid hexagon down into place, push against side edges to "squash" and re-align the perforations to match the shape of the hexagon, then apply pressure to edges until glue is secure.

Step 10. Apply glue to face surface of lower tabs.

Step 11. Insert stem top first through hole from inside to outside of center LID box. It will be a snug fit, but once top end which is rigid fits through, it will slide into place easily. Push all the way into the hole until the tabs with glue are flush against the back inside of the box top. Apply pressure holding both layers until glue is secure.

Step 12. Fit the BASE into the LID as shown. Do this for center (pictured here) and for each of the side boxes.

Step 13. Before further assembly, fill the boxes with notes, gifts, treats or goodies as desired. However, if the block box is for decorative purposes ONLY, you will want to insert the nozzle of your glue applicator and apply a couple of dabs of glue toward corners. Use liquid glue sparingly as it can soak through the paper or card stock and affect the appearance from the outside of the boxes.

Step 14. Assemble the "block" by placing the side boxes on each end with center box in the middle. (For decorative purposes, you may want to attach the boxes with glue.)

Here you can see the back of the assembled block with the side tabs extended outward ready for the ribbon or string.

Step 15. Bundle string (or use single strand of string or length of ribbon, etc.) and insert one end through the tab holes in sequence. Pull the string through so that it is centered.

Step 16. Bring ends to box front and tie in a neat bow or knot at desired.

Box is complete!


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