Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fabric Gifts Using Cut Shapes: Group 1

Cutting fabric shapes is very easy and fun
with the Cameo and the Silhouette system.
Here are five quick projects (stocking makes a "guest" appearance) 
using shapes from the cut file titled
Christmas Basic Shapes
from SnapDragon Snippets.
The appliques are cut from fabric that has been prepared
by fusing a required size square or rectangle to
paper-backed fusible web (Silhouette has a product
they call "fabric interfacing") such as Heat N Bond light.

A. Select your applique shape, size it appropriately, then check the "selection" design measurements on your Cameo or Silhouette screen. Add approx. 1/2" on each side (that's 1" increase to the width and length measurements), then cut this size piece of fusible web (paper backed such as Heat N Bond light for sewing in, or Ultra Hold if you will NOT be over-edging because the project will not be washed). Fuse on fabric backside according to product directions, then trim fabric to match paper size. Cut following Silhouette's recommendations. (See tutorial here.)


1. Cut two 15"x7" rectangles (includes 1/4" seam allowances and wide opening hem). 
Fold in half lengthwise with face sides together and stitch one SIDE seam. Over-edge or serge raw edges (here and throughout as desired). 

Center applique of choice approx. 3.5"-4" up from bottom edge on one of the panels, fuse and over stitch raw edges. Attach buttons for berries.

Open flat and press seam. At top edge, fold back a wide header hem of 3.25".

2. On front side of hem area, use temporary marker to make a stitching line at 3" from fold.

Open header hem flat, then re-fold with face sides together as in step 1 and sew second side seam. Also stitch across BOTTOM. Press seams flat as well as possible.

3. Prepare the bottom shaping seam: Re-fold the bag so that one side and bottom seam line up on top of each other at the center. From the end point that forms with this folding, mark a perpendicular stitching line 1.5". 

Stitch across on the marked line, locking stitching at each end.

Repeat folding, marking and stitching for the opposite side. Turn the bag face side out.

4. Fold header hem to the inside of the bag and re-press as needed. Stitch all around on the previously-marked line.

5. If desired, attach the center of a decorative double tassel cord at the hem stitching at the bag's center back by stitching across 3-4 times. Or attach or simply tie ribbon in the same place. 


1. Prepare and attach fabric applique to your purchased dishtowel. Some styles will work best with applique centered from side to side. This towel with wonderful side edge stripes seemed best with applique near the left edge. Overedge the raw edges of applique, pulling stitching threads to the backside and tying off to secure. Clip threads. Attach buttons.


Prepare, fuse and overstitch the holly leaf applique edges. This project uses a pre-finished linen coaster with faggot open stitching detail. You could also simply cut squares 3.5" - 5", layer face sides together, stitch around leaving turning opening, turn, press, and edge stitch.


1. Purchase coarse weave fabric. approx. 18" yardage is required for this double-layered version per placemat. Cut two rectangles from the fabric. To do this and keep the grainline and edge yards parallel with the cut edges, start at one end of the cut edge of yardage and pull a yarn. Continue pulling to create a trim line across the edge. If the yarn breaks, trim along the yarn path until the broken end can be retrieved and the pulling continue all the way across.

Prepare a base square from contrast coarse weave fabric, large enough to give a margin beyond applique shape with approx. 3/8" fringe. Complete applique on base square, position and topstitch to top placemat rectangle in desired position. Attach buttons. Layer both placemats, topstitch securely all around (shorten stitch length) approx. 3/4" - 1" (fringe depth). They remove edge yarns from both layers to produce fringe.


1. Trace a tag shape on top layer of double layer of selected fabric. (For your own shape, trace 4" wide x 5" tall rectangle, then trace diagonal of a 1" square on each upper corner.) 
2. Trim layers 1/4" beyond marked lines.
3. Press 1/4" hem back along bottom edges. Unfold flat.
4. Complete applique on front of top layer. Attach buttons and other details.
5. Re-layer and stitch 1/4" around on all but hem edges; back-stitch to lock at opening.
6. Turn right side out, press flat.
7. Complete a 1/2" button hole at center top approx. 1/2"-3/4" from top  as a hang hole.
8. Fill with loose lavender or favorite potpourri. Pin and stitch across layers. Thread sachet hole over purchased padded hanger hook. 

Hope these ideas help with your gifting!

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