Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monogram Projects Inspiration

A whole alphabet of fun awaits
if you have discovered the new collection of
letter monogram designs
recently made available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.
(Each letter is sold separately. Top and bottom sections are separated,
awaiting the "word or words" you decide to insert.)

Probably you have your own great ideas already.
Hope you get even more inspiration from 
the following six projects that I developed using 
different monograms.

In this first project, I created a seasonal marquee using the "S" monogram with "SPRING" written out and inserted in between the upper and lower monogram sections.

For the second project, a 12x12 white ceramic tile ($.97 from Lowe's) is the canvas for my family name and initial. For this size project, I was able to enlarge the monogram. I also added a .20 inch wide frame approx. 1" in from the tile's edge, and extra lines (rectangles) above and below the name text to help fill the square space more attractively in the new size. All of these additions were accomplished inside my Designer Studio (or Studio, too) software.

Third is another seasonal design. This time "CHRISTMAS" is the inserted text, adorning a large glass cylinder, with seasonal chunky pot pourri filling.

My vinyl supplier now carries a "frosted glass" (white) vinyl that would make this design look like it was etched. My next glass embellishment project will hopefully use this new-to-me product.

Fourth is this "W" monogram cut in the design's original size, with "WELCOME" inserted, then cut and transferred to the center panel of my interior panel door.

I plan to do something similar for my exterior front door, which, interestingly enough, has a shorter center panel than my interior door, so I am still planning my design. Black door, so I plan to cut white vinyl.

Finally, two fabric bag projects that use smooth heat transfer vinyl for the monogram designs. (Remember that designs using this medium MUST BE prepared as reverse image designs before cutting.)

First project is on a purchased canvas bag (from JoAnn Fabrics), monogrammed to show the project type contents - my floor frame equipment and tools. Your bag might read "SCRAPBOOKING" or "JOURNALING" or 'KNITTING" or "CROSS-STITCHING", etc.)

Finally, here is a custom-made book bag with the new owner's initial block on the front. Great for church activities, music transport, homework, or more.


  1. Thank you for the inspirational pictures! Nice.!

  2. Glad to get your comment. So nice. And happy you received some "inspiration", too.

  3. LOVE your projects! Can I ask the font name that you chose to use in the middle of your monograms? Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  4. I used Book Antigua, and then made the text taller, and expanded for the required length to fit the monogram design nicely from side to side.

  5. Your pictures immediately caught my eye and I am new to this Flickr and photo site so it was wonderful that there was a way to find out how you did these. Your projects look wonderful and I appreciate your taking the time to supply us 'beginners' with information that will help us! THANK YOU!