Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rabbit Chase Window Tote Box Construction

Just in time for Easter treat gifting
is this unique little window tote box, 
now available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.
The interior dimensions are 5" wide x 3.5" tall x 1.75" deep.

1. Identify the cut shapes:
A. box front with window
B. box back
C. window opening contrast liner
D. mylar rectangle window
E. front/sides scallop strip
F. back scallop strip
G. front/sides strip
H. back strip
I. mini hearts
J. bunny body base
K. bunny front body
L. bunny head with eye dot
M. bunny contrast tummy
N. bunny contrast tail

2. Fold the  box back (shown here) and box front back on all perforations, except forward at the handle top perforation as shown.

NOTE: liner and mylar shapes (steps 3 & 4) can be positioned after the box front & back are joined, in step 5, if preferred. Doing this will mean the side seam of box front will glue to the box shape, not to the liner and mylar, and may mean getting a better attachment.

3. Attach (C) window opening contrast liner behind box front window opening so that an equal margin shows from the front.

4. Attach clear mylar rectangle on backside of window opening and liner shapes.

5. Join the front to back on one side side, then adjust the shapes by re-folding on the perforations to join the other side seam.

6. Position front scallop strip, centered, over the window, aligning perforations at corners. Glue to the box front at side of each window, then continue to wrap the strip to the back, fold tabs at ends to back side of box and secure. NOTE: scallop strip and strip do NOT have end perforations in order to allow a custom fit, depending on the paper weight/thickness you may be using.

7. Position and attach the back scallop strip on box back so that ends line up with previously attached front/sides strip.

8. Repeat the process for the straight strips, centering front, then back on the scallop strips.

9. Assemble the bunny decoration, beginning with base shape that will show to the front the back (bottom) leg and top (front) ear, then adding the body front, then the head.

When these shapes are in place, finish by placing the eye over the marked dot on head, fitting the tummy into place at lower body edge, tail over base shape.

10. Center the bunny and glue to the scallop band assembly. Attach each heart an equal distance from bunny at scallop band center.

11. Fold back lower section under, then front section that includes latch. Slide the latch into the slot to close. NOTE: the latch is made to fit very snugly into the opening, so you will need to angle and manipulate the side ends of the latch into the slot. Secure edges by applying adhesive (dry) before inserting latch, OR (wet) after the latch is in place, under the top outer edge (front) section. Be sure to "square up" the box before the adhesive is secure.

12. To latch handles (after contents are in place), bring the front and back together, then push through the half circles from the front, into the matching cut-outs on the back, and fold upward. Use a dry sticky dot to hold these in place, if necessary or desired, for a better closure.

Here, again, is the finished tote box.
You may be able to find other, seasonal decorations to size to fit in place instead of the bunny. Or use the tote with scallop trim strips decoration by itself.

For an extra decorative touch, tie a length of coordinated ribbon through the handles. 


  1. This is just the right size and decor that my grandkids can still enjoy as they are getting older. I was lucky enough to get a chocolate cross of candy wrapped and fits perfect. You are amazing and your tuturials are so clear that even I can follow.. Love all your work- Thanks!! Cheri

  2. Cheri, what a treat in my day to read your kind comments.