Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monster Mini Treat Sack Assembly

Assemble a mini treat sack for the special goblins in your life.
A perfect element to include on a Halloween party table.
Sack holds about 1/2 cup of loose candy behind a clear window
that appears to be the monster's wide-open mouth.
Small sack measures approx. 3" wide x 5" tall x 1" deep.
Back flap folds over front  to line up pairs of hole punches for tie closure.

1. Identify and cut the shapes. Clockwise left to right are: sack, eyes (pre-layered here), fangs one-piece shape, window frame/inside of open mouth, window acetate (invisibly because it is clear)

2. Prepare the sack shape by folding on the perforation lines as shown here. 
(side diagonal lines are "valley" folds, all others are "mountain" folds.)

3. Position the fangs at the top of the window opening, on the backside of the sack, placing the fangs piece FACE SIDE down. Center it, and line up the "tab" edge of fangs at center and barely showing at sides with the opening upper edge. Glue in place.

4. Attach the clear window panel behind the window frame/open mouth shape using a double adhesive strip on the FACE side of the frame, near the outer edge. Some of this frame will show through to the front of the sack, so adhesive near the opening edges will be visible.

5. Position the assembled window and frame behind the window opening, then ...

... turn the assemble over and adjust the frame so that the upper curved edges of inner frame and sack opening line up, an equal margin shows on each side, and a slightly wider margin shows at bottom.

(This is by design, to imply that this frame is the shading of the monster's open mouth interior.)

Once adjustment is complete, press hard all around to attach securely.

6. Layer eye ball, pupil and eye pair, then position and attach above the fangs and window, centered.

7. Bring the sack side edges together, overlap the straight back edge over the back side tab. Make sure top and bottom ends of the edge and tab perf are lined up, then glue in place.

It is possible to fold the sack flat to be able to press this seam flat on the table top.

8. Un-squash the box, if it was pressed flat, and re-form into the rectangular shape it should have. Fold side bottom flaps inward, back flap in. Apply adhesive to the underside of the front bottom flap, then fold into position, square up the bottom corners, adjust as necessary and glue in place.

It may be helpful to use a tool, like the "new" eraser end of this pencil, inserted into the sack interior, to press against the flaps from the inside.

Here is the finished sack assembled.
A couple of final views.

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  1. Jodi, I just finished assembling ten of these adorable treat bags, and they were a dream to work with! So adorable. The kids at our party are going to love them. I'll post them on my blog soon. :)