Friday, September 5, 2014

Scarecrow Figure with 3d Hay Bale Stand

Perky scarecrow with straw layer details 
is attached to a triangular column “post” 
that inserts into the top of the hay bale box. 
Build box with bottom trap door for construction access. 
Platform can be added to interior to allow 
bottom end of post to insert and be held in place. 
Box measures 2” tall x 3” wide x 3” deep. 
Height with scarecrow in place is approx. 11”. 

This svg design is available for purchase and download 
from SnapDragon Snippets, and through
Silhouette America's online store.
2d Figure is available (soon) from
SVG Attic as part of a FALL Letter Box Ensemble.
(Search this blog for more information
about that ensemble.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes for the pole and hay bale box.
A triangular post
B box top with one attached side
C box sides
D box bottom with trap door
E post bottom stabilizer
F decor shape for top
G decor shapes for sides

Identify and cut the scarecrow shapes. 

Shown here at top are the "straw" layer shapes: main base, face (left), cuffs (top right) and neckerchief.

Shown below are the other scarecrow shapes, including layered hat, head with face, shirt base and front, neckerchief and outline, gloves contrast base, hands and cuffs.

(Refer to Steps 14 & 15 to see how he is assembled.)

2. Fold the box top/side shape on perforation lines as inward (or mountain) folds. Fold the box sides shape on vertical perforations as inward or mountain folds. Fold tabs back.

3. Align one end of side strip with side tab of box top/side, overlap straight edge with perforation line of tab, adjust up and down for perfect alignment, then glue in place.

4. Fold the box into a tube to bring opposite tab and edge together, align and glue in place.

NOTE that it is possible to flatten the box to apply pressure to these edges to glue securely.

5. Fold the side edge tabs inward and the top down into position. Align and glue the edges to tab perforations. It may be helpful to align and attach the back edge (opposite front perforation) first.

Turn the assembly over and place on a flat surface to apply finger pressure against the tab and edge from the inside of the box.

6. Prepare the box bottom by folding the trap door outward on the perforated line.

7. Orient the back so that the triangle opening of the back points in the same direction as the box front triangle opening.

(NOTE that in this image, they DO NOT line up as they need to!)

8. Line up the back edges with the corresponding tab perforation lines, adjust and glue in place, inserting fingers through trap door to the box's interior to apply pressure where needed for secure seams.

9. Prepare the post stabilizer by folding in accordion fashion.

 It should fold into a flat rectangle with holes aligning. Glue all surfaces that touch (both front and back).

10. Open the trap door. Position the stabilizer over the inside face with holes aligned, and glue in place.

11. Glue the small hole circle cover over the triangular hole. 

Close the trap door and glue the larger circle in place across the door edge and side margin to secure the door closed.

12. Position, center and glue the top decor shape in place on the top of the box.

13. Position and glue the side decor shapes in place.

14. Layer the "base" straw shapes under the corresponding decorative shapes. Largest straw base shape includes hat straw extensions. Also shown are glove shapes, neckerchief, head.

15. Position and join the layers into units, then assemble appropriate order and glue in place in sequence. 

Here the head/face and neckerchief layered units are being positioned over the body.

16. Prepare the post by folding on all long perforation lines as inward or mountain folds.

17. Fold the post shape into a tube. Apply adhesive to the face of the long tab, overlap the opposite straight edge and join.

It will help with this seam to insert a long narrow tool like a bamboo skewer or knitting needle to help provide resistance so that the edge can be pressed into place. Move the pressure of fingers along the entire length to work the edge until it is completely joined and secure.

18. Position the post behind the center of the scarecrow with the top end approx. half-way up the head shape as shown, then glue in place.

19. When figure is secured on post, insert post bottom end through box top triangle hole. Continue to insert post until it sits in the corresponding stabilizer triangle hole.

Your scarecrow figure is now ready to display!


  1. I can't wait!! I just finished putting Sam together and while it probably took me longer than most to and a few redos on some pieces I'm really happy with how he came out!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I had a girlfriend over today to show her Sam and the Cameo (she has the basic Cricut); logged into the Silhouette online store, did an advanced search using the key word "scarecrow" and by Snapdragon Snippets and was able to purchase him today! YAY!! Now I just have to be patient until his little hay bale is available :)