Friday, December 4, 2015

Poinsettia Doily Frame Card Assembly Guide

Slightly smaller than 6" square when folded, this stunning Christmas card
features a dimensional blossom with spikey bottom layer,
separate leaves to attach "randomly", four petal layers,
three frame layers.
Add other dimensional touches such as a single bead or cluster,
a ribbon loop.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (top fold)    B eyelet frame   C embossing guide
D contrast frame opening BASE   E contrast inner frame #1 (green)
F contrast inner frame #2 (white)
G spike swirl  H single leaf shapes (9-10 from 2 colors)
I - L petal shapes (bottom to top as layered)
2. For optional embossed detail, position the guide
over the top of the eyelet frame with outer edges aligned . . . 
. . . then use a stylus tool to press a bracket echo line
beyond the frame opening.
(NOTE that placing the eyelet frame on a slightly "padded"
surface - one to layers of fabric - may deepen the embossed line.)
3. Assemble the opening panels by layering, aligning
outer edges, and gluing in place.
4. Position assembly onto card front, align using the corner
guides and center hole punch, and glue in place.
5. Position and attach only the margin near cutout opening
of the eyelet frame . . .
. . . taking care to center the opening over the previous assembly
so that the margin of contrast inner frame #2 that is exposed
is even inside the eyelet edge.
6. Position and attach center hexagon base of the spikes swirl, 
rotating it into desired position (use petal assembly to help determine this).
7. Prepare the individual leaf shapes by adding curl to tips,
bending base attachment oval forward.
Attach oval base near (but not overlapping) center punch
in desired arrangement.
8. Prepare and attach optional ribbon curl
using appropriate adhesive at center.
Take care to leave center punch unobstructed.
9. Add some curl to each of the petal swirls
by using a tool to press against the underside of each petal.
Also bend each petal forward slightly at the base of the 'stem'.
10. Layer, arrange and assemble the blossom,
applying glue near the centers only.
11. For added dimension, thread a single 1/4" bead or pearl
at the center of the blossom, or use a cluster of smaller beads
as shown here, each on a separate thread 'loop' . . .
. . . with thread ends gathered at the backside.
12. Pull thread ends through the card assembly hole punch
to bring to inside of card base. 
Glue petals assembly in position on front.
Clip ends fairly short, then attach neatly 
at card base inside surface. 
Cut a 1" or larger matching circle shape to glue over the ends.
Here is the completed card.


  1. Stunning is right! This is so gorgeous. Elegant and stately.

  2. Beautiful, so much so I have purchased this design and hope the instructions are not to far behind it as want to make this for my Mum this year x

  3. Stunning and I'm off to make mine now - love it and I'm sure my Mum will too, thank you so much xx