Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Three Kings Triangle Trio Boxes

Celebrate "Three Kings Day" Ephiphany on January 6th
with these simple oversized standing popper boxes
decorated with lower accents (face and beard (optional eyes),
head cloth, inner and outer robes) and upper crown.
Can be used as gift boxes, or decorations.
Each measures approx. 2.75" along each triangle base edge
x 9" tall. File includes trapezoid shaped tray
to help display them as a unit.
Face can be abstract (no eyes), with added studs (as shown)
or with eye cutouts and mouth cutout in beard.

Identify and cut the shapes:
A main triangle popper box body
B accent front whole robe
C accent front partial robe
D headcloth 2
E headcloth 1
F face    G beard   H crown with band & contrast
(Each of three kings has different crown components.)
2. Prepare the box body by folding as shown,
that is, fold back (valley folds) on all perforation lines
except the short inset "top of head" perforation line.
3. Form the box into a tube to bring the straight side edge
to overlap the opposite long tab, and glue in place.
Also overlap and glue the "crown" area edge and tab side seam.
To secure the seam, it may be helpful
to "splay" the tight angle to reach a finger to apply
pressure at the joint, as shown.
4. Fold the base tabs perpendicular, apply adhesive,
then tuck inside the side edges and glue in place.
To help secure this seam, it may be necessary to reach
a long tool such as the eraser end of a new pencil
to press against the tab from the inside of the tube
while pressing with fingers from the outside.
5. Assemble the accent shapes for each king box.
6. Position and attach the head/torso assembly
centered and with bottom edged even on the main lower portion 
of the popper box on one box face. Position and attach
the crown assembly on the upper portion, centered
and with crown lower edge aligned at perforation line.
7. Position and attach stud eyes
(or use the optional hole-punched and contrast back shape
face). Fill the box, as desired, or leave empty as decor only.
Push the narrow inward bends together and secure
with a length of ribbon, or wrap with several rows of twine.
Complete three kings.
8. To assembly optional tray, first prepare the tray shape
by bending back on all perforation lines and corner triangle tabs.
9. Bend two adjacent sides perpendicular to bring the
short straight end edge to overlap the tiny corner triangle tab,
and glue in place. Complete all four corner seams.
10. Bend rim tabs back, and glue in place on the inside
of the tray.
11. Position the kings boxes in the tray with center king
facing the short edge of the trapezoid, and a king facing
the angled edge on each flank.
Here is the finished assembly.

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