Sunday, June 26, 2016

July 4th Rosette Assembly

Dimensional decoration constructed by joining 
scallop pleated base halves at end flange, 
easing pleat ring into flat position and hot gluing cover circles 
on front and back to secure rosette shape. 
Layer scallop & plain front circles, with "July 4th" letter cuts onto front. 
Measures approx. 4.125" diameter when completed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A scallop fan strips (2)
B center anchor circles (2)
C base scallop accent circle
D top plain accent circle with July 4th
letter cuts
2. Prepare the scallop fan strips by folding at the creases.
Begin at the tab end to bend forward at tab perf,
also between each scallop across strip
(alternating perforation lines).
Repeat the process to bend back at each perf line
at center of each scallop.
To lock in folds, compress the fan into one stack.
3. Join the strips end to end by overlapping the
straight end of (left) strip over the tab end (right
of the other strip.
4. Form the strips into a ring, face out, to bring
the ends together. Overlap end over end flap as before,
and join seam.
5. Convert the standing ring into the rosette form
by gathering the top folds toward the center . . .
. . .a little at a time, while also pressing into flat shape,
until . . .
. . . scallops are at outside edge and a small hole
remains at center.
Apply finger pressure all around to push strip
bottom edges as tightly into the center as possible.
6. Apply hot glue to the center in an area that
can be covered by the circle covers.
Then quickly . . .
. . . position front circle over hole.
7. Repeat the process to apply hot glue
to the other side, and position and attach
the second end cover circle.
8. Position and attach the base circle accent
by centering the hole at the fan center.
9. Prepare to position and attach the July 4th
accent word cuts by using the "waste" from the
digital cutout as a positioning stencil
on the plain circle accent shape
to lightly trace a few guide marks for each letter.
Position and attach the top circle to the assembly.
Here is the completed rosette.
This rosette design is specially intended
as accent for the large 3d roman candle 3 wick.

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