Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sewing Bobbins 3d Tote

Create a single tote as shown or prepare
 two and attach back to back for double capacity. 
Tote folds together from one body cut shape. 
Insert supports four hex tube spindles that can hold 
three or more standard bobbins each. 
Decorative back panel includes finger handle opening, 
with offset accent shape to decorate inside 
(and outside) as desired. 
Measures approx. 4.5" long x 1.375" deep x 2.5" tall. 

Coordinates with "sewing notions 3d box" 
to fit into its own compartment.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main tote body    B back wall accent
C rear wall cover
D spindle assembly base    E spindles (4)
F spindle decorative "washers" (4)
NOT SHOWN: front and side wall accents;
bottom base cover rectangle
(NOTE when planning to insert the tote into
the companion design "Sewing Notions 3d Box"
these are omitted because of they would
interfere with the snug fit.)
2. Prepare the main tote shape by bending
at the perforations as shown:
forward ("valley") at wall base edges,
side wall side tabs; back ("mountain") at
all other perforation lines.
3. Bend the side inner wall back edges into
position at the sides of back wall
wrap the side wall tab behind and glue in place.
Repeat for left (shown) and right.
4. Bend to position the front edge of the side wall
adjacent to the front wall lower section.
Bend the side wall tabs around the front wall
edge and glue in place. Repeat for L & R.
5. Bend the front wall upper portion down
into position to glue the backsides together,
while also wrapping the bottom flange
around the corner at lower front edge to
glue it in place.
6. Bend the side wall outer sections into position
to wrap edge flanges around adjacent walls
or base, and glue in place.
Repeat for L & R ends.
7. Prepare the rear cover shape by bending
bottom flange back.
Position cover on the backside of tote body,
matching edges, wrap flange around base,
and glue in place.
Also position and attach the bottom rectangle
cover shape.
8. Position and attach the offset accent shape
on the inside of body back panel.
NOTE a duplicate of this shape can be cut
and attached on the outer back cover,
if desired (but not for "doubled" tote, nor it
being inserted into the Sewing Notions 3d Box.
9. Prepare the spindle shapes by bending on
the long vertical perforation lines, also
bending top nib tabs and hex "lid" back,
and bottom long tabs back.
10. Form the spindle shape into a tube
and wrap around a wooden cooking skewer
as a "press-against" tool to help with the gluing process.
Overlap the straight edge to the opposite
long flange perforation line, and glue in place.
11. Bend the nib tabs inward, apply glue,
then bend and attach the top hex shape
to the nib tabs.
NOTE: moving the skewer down so that the
cut top edge is in the appropriate position
will help as a press-against surface during
the lid gluing process.
Complete all four spindles.
12. Insert the spindle shape from the backside
of the spindles base shape through a hex hole . . .
. . . slide it through until bottom tab perf marks
are even with hole edge.
Bend tabs outward and glue in place
to backside of base shape.
Insert and attach all four spindles.
13. Slide the washer accent shapes over
each spindle.
14. Insert the spindle assembly into the
tote body and push down fully into position.
Here is the completed bobbins tote.
Use the tote as shown (single).
Duplicate the tote (without back covers)
and glue the two completed totes
back to back for a double capacity tote.
Or insert the tote into the Sewing Notions 3d Box . . .
. . . as shown here.

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