Sunday, October 9, 2016

Skeleton Card Box Envelope

Spooky yet sophisticated, this A7 (5x7) card
has a dimensional front that is built up
with rosette and circles layers,
centered atop a "wall paper" overlay of
skulls in oval "windows".
Its thickness requires special consideration
if you wish to enclose it for sending.

That is why this sized-to-fit box envelope
is just the ticket. It can be used for any dimensional
A7 card, closed with disc and twine wrap.
Skull emblem and tag help it coordinate to the card.

1. The A7 card featured in this tutorial will NOT be explained
in detail. Here are the basic steps:
A. Identify and cut the shapes
B. Fold the card base. Position (centered) overlay on base front.
C. Position (centered) and attach skull cutouts 
over the oval "windows".
D. Prepare the "31" front disc by threading perle cotton
or other soft twine on smallest darning needle possible
and thread up from back, down from front, etc.
to complete stitching details; hide tails on backside --
or use non-stitched front.
E. Layer "31" disc with contrast disc, sawtooth disc,
large disc into a unit, using center circle as alignment.
F. Prepare rosette: review steps in similar project
by searching "rosette" in this blog.
G. Layer front medallion assembly onto rosette, then
mount over the hole punch in overlay.
H. Prepare the banner by attaching "Halloween" and
"happy" word cuts; attach to bottom area of card.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box body (2-3 panels joined at side seam)
B circles closure build up: 2 large & 2 small for each
C tag assembly: base, oval, skull, bar
2. Layer the two closure discs by gluing the two
large circles together. Take care that edges line up.
3. Layer the two small closure discs in the same way.
4. Align the small stack under the large disc stack,
and glue together.
This provides a little clearance to wrap twine.
5. Prepare to attach the flap disc by cutting 
a length of twine (or perle cotton as used in model),
gluing it in place at the circle punch, then
gluing the disc assembly over the twine in place
Also position and attach the second disc assembly
on the body.
6. Position and attach the regular size eyelet or stud
to secure each disc in position.
7. Assemble the skull tag by layering
and attaching the bar at top of tag where
edges align, disc over bar where upper
edges align, then center skull in place.
8. Position and attach assembled tag on the
"front" of the box body.
9. Fold the sides around to back, overlap
to guide hash marks (small cuts at upper
and lower edges of panels), and glue in place.
10. Complete box assembly by bending
bottom side tabs inward, bending and tucking
large bottom flap into box behind back panel.
11. To deliver card, insert into the box top,
fold side tabs inward and top flap down.
Wrap the twine in figure 8 to secure.
Here is the completed envelope box.

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