Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shamrock Scalloped Stitched Card

Arrange a bucket full of fun green prints 
around a central shamrock. 
Needle holes on shamrock match up with base 
for arranging the smaller shapes. 
Position shamrock on silhouette with holes lined up, 
then stitch around.
Ribbon slots on silhouette shape allow for bow addition 
(alternative shapes provided for non-ribbon option). 
Mount assembled silhouette on offset card base front.
Back card includes perforation near top to allow it
to bend back to reveal sentiment space.
Optional signing plaque included.
Measures approx. 7" wide x 5.6" tall.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base front   B card base back (perforated)
C shamrock decor shape with needle holes
D shamrock assemble base with needle holes
E scallop patches 1-16
2. Position and attach the shamrock on top of
the assembly base, taking care to line up
the stem cut edges, ribbon slot edges,
and needle holes. It may be helpful . . .
. . . to use a tool such as this blunt tapestry needle
inserted in strategic hole locations (bottom, top,
sides, etc.) to help line up the stitching holes
of both layers during the final gluing stage.
3. Prepare to complete the hand stitching by
threading a 28" length of "thread" on the finest
blunt tapestry-style needle that selected stitching
media will accept. For the model, DMC no. 5
perle cotton was used. Also consider other
soft twine or 6-ply embroidery floss, etc.
4. Position the tail end above the center holes
near the stem end, and attach in place with
a small piece of cellophane tape.
5. Insert the needle into the center-most hole
on one side of the stem area
(NOTE that in this image, the base is inverted).
Push needle through and pull thread through
fully to the front, leaving no slack
(here and throughout).
6. Continue the stitching sequence by inserting
the needle in the next adjacent hole as you move
(in this case) clockwise around the shamrock.
Push needle through completely and pull
thread through.
7. Continue stitching, up and down in the same
fashion around the shamrock . . . 
. . . noting that there is a "cross-wise" stitch
that makes the transition from one "lobe" to the next.
Complete the stitching, and push the needle
through to the backside for the final time.
8. Trim excess leaving a 1" tail.
Anchor the tail in place with a small piece
of cello tape.
9. Position scallop patch no. 1 next to the stem
as shown . . .
. . . "snugging" it into the edge of the shamrock
with outer curved cut edges of each matching up,
as well as the ribbon slot edges indicated here.
10. Continue to position and attach the scallop
patches in order, following the same procedure:
position, snug in to abut the adjacent edges,
while lining up the outer curved cut edges.
Here you can see the completed scallop assembly.
11. Thread a 12-15" length of soft ribbon through
the slots, adjust for even sides, then tie knot and bow.
12. Position and attach the scallop shamrock
assembly onto the card base front, leaving
an equal margin around the outer edges.
13. Prepare the card base back by bending
forward at the perforation line.
14. Attach the upper portion backside 
(above perforation) to the corresponding
backside of the card base front, matching edges.
15. Position the sentiment panel, if desired.
Here is the completed card. Celebrate!

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