Sunday, September 29, 2019

Leaf Sprig Initial Letter Tags

Each large layered gift tag has single ‘schoolhouse’ 
font style initial letter with leaf and center berry cut outs. 
Quickly color the cut outs by inserting 
leaf color panel with berry color 'plugged' 
into recesses in the tag’s accent top layer
(that is to say - behind  the leaf & berry cutouts). 
Select colors for Christmas or other seasonal giving, 
embellish gift box or scrapbook layout, 
tuck folded currency bill(s) into the optional back 
attached three-sided pocket, 
prepare as a special book mark, and more. 
Optional main shape has smaller hole for 
substituting a decorative eyelet for 
the larger ribbon loop hole & reinforcement. 
Smallest tags measures approx. 3” wide x 4.6” tall;
others are slightly wider to accommodate larger letters. 

STEP 1: 
Identify and cut the shapes for one tag as shown.

Position the top, offset "background" shape over
the front of the main tag base, with the same narrow
margin all around. as shown. Also position and attach
the decorative circle reinforcement at the top as shown.

STEP 3: 
Position and attach the leaf color inlay into
the recess of the "background" offset tag shape.

STEP 4: 
Position and attach the berry color circle into
the recess of the leaf color panel.

STEP 5: 
Center the letter shape from side to side,
and from top to bottom, and attach in place,
checking to verify that the leaf cutouts show
the leaf color panel, and the berry circle punch
shows the berry color.


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