Friday, November 2, 2012

On the Docket Small Seasonal Banners

Autumn On The Docket
In recent years, a series of smaller month-by-month banners were released as patterns in the Hearthsewn line. Popular from the start, each banner features paper foundation piecing and/or machine over-edge applique, plus even-weave counted cross-stitch tags identifying the month each represents.

Winter On The Docket
These banners are fun to create for several reasons. First, they are small and are very "accomplish-able" within the month-by-month time frame that presents itself, once a quilt maker begins "collecting" them to display. Second, each is displayed on a hand-towel stand that is available throughout the country from Bed, Bath & Beyond. (Specific product information is found on the pattern cover to help locate and purchase the stand.)

Summer On the Docket
Third, since they are free-standing, they can be incorporated into your seasonal decor in different ways from regular wall or throw quilts. In a vignette with other stitchery and figurines, on a shelf, on an occasional table, etc.

Spring On the Docket
Mini-banners were released in four separate pattern titles: On the Docket: Winter (December-February); Spring (March-May); Summer (June-August); Autumn (September-November).

For more information about these patterns and how to purchase them through the mail, go to: or email Jodi at

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