Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mrs. Santa's Boot container project

 Here is a fun re-styling of a previous Halloween project using one of Kenzie Daley's 3d designs (Snapdragon Snippets) from Silhouette America. She originally created it as a Witch's Boot, and it was wonderfully inspiring that way. I am always trying to find ways to work Santa's "better half" into the Christmas picture, so I started mentally playing with the idea that the boot could easily be red & green and terrific that way, too.

 Here it is, with customized green front lacing placket and painted green bead lace ends. The ankle opening has fur trim glued at the edge, and the pointy toe holds a paper "3d jingle bell" and holly with berry detail. I made a shiny black heel piece (filled with doll pellets for some added weight), and glittered designs on boot uppers (double sided adhesive paper is so much fun to cut and embellish with).
Here you can see the back and the glitter designs. I also glued red/green stripe narrow ribbon down the center of the fur trimming.

My boot is shown here with Christmas candy, tinsel shreds and green shiny metallic and clear cello paper with "pic'd" candy peppermints, chocolate squares, marshmallow sants, etc., as prepared by a local candy bouquet basket business.

You could fill it with salt water taffy, peppermint swirls, favorite cookies, wrapped chocolates, etc. Or even put it on that prominent office desk edge with a tent sign inviting pocket-change donations from all who pass, to be directed to the local charity drive at Christmas.

Just in case you are thinking about it, this boot was enlarged at 150% to begin with. That is about as large as I can make it and still have it fit on my screen.

Happy holiday crafting, & Merry Christmas to all.

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