Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catch A Leprechaun

In the O'Daley household every year around mid-March, a strange thing happens.

 On a very specific date, the children wake up to find someone (or "something") has magically entered and left very small green footprints around their house. Then the fun begins to discover what this is all about!

Near the spot where the first footprints are discovered, a green envelope might be found. The eager and wide-eyed searchers listen closely to the clue inside that helps them along in their hunt. 

Words and phrases offer mild riddles so the children (along with their grown-ups) can discover where to look next. (Can you figure out where the clues here might lead?) For a few minutes, the little herd hustles from room to room, into different parts of the house. Eventually, at the final stop in their "treasure" hunt, they find small, special gifts from the friendly leprechaun.

Luckily, Silhouette designs and cut files make this adventure even more fun. This pot o' gold treasure bag is cut from fabric and machine stitched onto a strip of fabric which is transformed into the bag. Goodies this time include green stretch gloves, green swirl tissue pack, shamrock cookie, green tooth brush, chocolate gold coins, green jelly beans, St. Patrick's Day socks.

Following the fun, why not sit down for a special St. Patrick's Day breakfast together. Here is fare fit for any person who is Irish at heart! And so many of the details at this place setting are created from Snapdragon Snippets paper cut designs! (Scroll a bit farther to see the list.)

Here is an over sized image so you can read the menu!

Paper designs used: (clockwise from upper left) background shamrocks (place mat),  pilgrim name card, bowl lucky, 3d leprechaun hat, little feet, a2 card (shamrock and trim strips on napkin ring, menu card), envelope.

Not shown here:
pot 'o gold (treasure sack)

Hope this fun family tradition might spark some magic for the "little people" at your house!

Just one more image showing the goody bag under construction. The shapes were cut using Silhouette's "interfacing", and then fused to the bag panel and over edged by sewing machine. Now it will hold up for many years to come.

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  1. Love everything ...what a wonderful idea~ wished I had thought of this when my kids were little