Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"LUckY" Letter Box Ensemble for St. Patrick's Day

 I have always enjoyed the approach of St. Patrick's Day  
beauuse it meant that Spring would be here in no time. 
But not until my clever son-in-law entered our lives did I realize how much fun 
this celebration could be. Now that he is one of the creative forces 
on the Snapdragon Snippets design team, it seems only fitting to put together 
a letter box ensemble dedicated to the "Irish" in all of us!

See how many symbols of LUCK festoon this creation! Nearly all are from the Snapdragon Snippets offerings in the Silhouette online store. (Perhaps YOU already own some - wouldn't that by LUCK-y!)

Letter 'L' comes first, with celtic knot shapes adorning the accent shape on the front. A trio of shamrocks arches above it. This shape was created from a card adornment, replicated, overlapped and welded. A separate outline shape of the trio is created as an internal offset, cut from Silhouette's double-sided adhesive, applied and then glitter-ized.

 U comes second, and I will admit this is the one I had the most mental fun with. Should it be a horseshoe? Wait -- what about the "pot of gold"? I added clear mylar shapes to the assembled box front and back, with black duplicate face shapes to enclose those plastic layers. The interior cavity thereby created was filled with novelty gold coins (from JoAnn Fabrics). Small green brads were planned into the design early, so holes were punched into the face shape prior to the layering.

In the middle is the "argyle" C, with swirly four-leaf clover. Tiny heart shape plus a smaller adhesive/glitterized heart has button "holes" added to make a center accent.
 K thinks it is the STAR of this show! 3D leprechaun hat (sized larger from original file size) rests at a jaunty angle, with emerald-plaid bowtie and wrapped band contributing a dressed-up aire. Arching below is the four-striped rainbow.

Y is the caboose, fanci-fied with more double-sided adhesive, cut as two shamrock swirls that are adhered and trimmed to size before the glitter is added. Enlarged horseshoe "charm" hangs from the Y's arm as the final bit of luck. Note that it is turned up to catch lots of good "fortune". In fact, now that I think of it, when that shape is added, it actually makes this ensemble say:

"Lucky YOU"!

All the letters are created as "lid" plus "base" from bazzill card stock, assembled, boxed, hot glued together, embellished, then hot glued to a decorative paper-covered base of foam core.

Shapes used: (from Snapdragon Snippets)
letter boxes L U C K Y
3d leprechaun hat
a2 card (shamrock for welded trio)
background shamrocks (Y flourish)
swirly shamrock
bow - narrow (bowtie)
(from other designers) pot of gold (rainbow)
celtic knot shapes (coming soon from new designer)


  1. These are so fun, Jodi! I've looked at all your 3d letter creations over the past few months, and I love how you mix the sizes and really give them a lot of personality. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you had made these! (I'd noticed many of them on the Flickr group, but hadn't visited your blog for details.)

  2. And I, in my turn, admire, appreciate, and am inspired by the things of yours that I have seen. Keep up the good work, 'cause I'll be watching!