Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Quick Easter Projects

The Easter celebration is such an important time for me. 
But since it shifts around according to "new moons" and the Jewish calendar, etc., 
it has rushed in faster than usual this year, it seems. 
I have completed three projects, two with a more religious flavor, 
and one that is secular and more whimsical.

 TAG & PEN COMMENT BOARD is a way to start the thoughtful celebration of Easter Week. "...the tomb was EMPTY: what Easter means to me..." was text designed, a double layer frame (with dark back layer showing through letter cutouts) arranged around it, comment tags and ink pen provided for family members or visitors to think and share a thought. A personal approach to a very personal event.

This wrought iron standing easel frame was made for an 8x10 photograph,  but substitutes well here as the display space for a two-layer paper cutout. Text combines with a very graceful iris (or perhaps it is the lily that I was hoping for).

And finally, a colorful container filled with plastic painted eggs. The metal bin came from a thrift store for two dollars, and was a great reason to re-work a previous decor set. 3D carrot trio from Snapdragon Snippets dangle enticingly from the 3-layer "Happy Easter" saying, complemented by colorful plaid and burlap ribbon banding.

If you find your time short, too, 
perhaps one or two quick projects are still possible 
to celebrate the Easter season.

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