Monday, April 29, 2013

Quilt Block Puzzle Crooked Path Designs

The Quilter's Block Puzzle paper digital cutting design available by Snapdragon Snippets through Silhouette America's online store can provide some fun pattern play for adults and children. A tray holds 16 paper "blocks" that have colorful patchwork patterns cut and adhered to the top (and for this pattern, the back, too). The blocks can be re-arranged into various patterns that recreate traditional patterns. Following are a few for the "Crooked Mile". Copy these 8 patterns with your cut and assembled set, Can you make more original fun patterns?

 This block is called "Drunkard's Path". Note that we made a mistake in the top right corner block. It should be turned clockwise two positions. To make this set, cut 2 shape sets (1 set = quarter-circle shape and "L" shape) from 8 different prints. Also cut 32 background squares from 8 different white prints. Glue shapes with plain squares, then glue each of these "patches" to FRONT and BACK of blocks. Find tray and block construction tutorials on this blog site.

This block pattern is called "Jockey Caps".

 This block is called "Seplechre" or "Summer Pavilion".

 This block is called "Farm Furrows".

 This block is called "Whirligig" or "Toy Jacks".

This block is called "Snowballs"

This block is called "Beach Balls".

This block is called "Winding Way".

This block is called "Seagulls". (Can you visualize the four birds in the corners flying around in a circle with wing tips touching at the block's center?)


  1. Lovely!!! If I buy this on silhouette, will I also be buying this pattern? or the pattern is not included?

    1. When you purchase the file download, it will include the cutting file for the tray shapes, the block shapes, and the drunkard's path quarter square with arch cutout and the quarter circle. These are the only "patterns that are included. If you still have questions, please email me directly at hearthsewnpatterns@yahoo.comn