Friday, April 26, 2013

May On the Docket Paper Quilt Display

 The "On the Docket" monthly quilt block series is now being offered through Silhouette America's online store. These two photos show a couple more ways to display the paper quilts.

First, the May On the Docket - "Mother's Apron" quilt block is shown with painted clothes pins affixing it to the top "rail" of a 6x12 scroll top wire table top hanger by Ackfeld Wire. Check your local specialty craft store or visit their online store.

Next, the quilt is attached with tiny but powerful magnets hidden on back tabs to a standing metal marquee frame. This one is a bit fancier.

A small, dressed-up bulletin board (painted with decor fabric covering the cork) is another good option.

Watch the Snapdragon Snippets offerings on Silhouette America's online store for more monthly series quilt blocks and related designs, including the "Dozen Squares" simpler quilt blocks for each month.

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