Monday, April 29, 2013

Quilt Blocks Puzzle Paper Box Assembly Tutorial

Create this set of 3d puzzle blocks to provide hours of pattern play. This tutorial is for the box that builds the pattern. A tutorial for the blocks tray can also be found on this blog.

The puzzle tray as shown will require tray pieces (6) plus 16 digital box shapes cut from sturdy card stock. Tray file is included in the box and top decorative shapes file available for purchase.

1. Fold on all sides and tab perforations, folding toward card stock toward backside

Align and glue in place the inner tabs to the inner short walls.

2. Align and attach tabs on the same wall to the notched-out front panel.

3A. Fold down side wall flaps. Apply glue and insert flaps into box. 

3B. Insert fingers through notch window to help apply pressure as side walls are being glued.

4A.  Apply glue to face side of final end tab

4B. Insert tab into slot. Apply enough pressure to help tab adhere.

The final steps to prepare the blocks for play is to cut the decoration square and shaped pieces, assemble these together, then glue to the box upper and/or lower sides. Specific directions for these can be found in the shape descriptions in the online store, or in the tutorials for specific patterns elsewhere in this blog.


  1. Hi! I just bought this quilt puzzle from the Silhouette store. What weight of card stock do you recommend? I have 65lb but wasn't sure if I needed to go with something heavier for the blocks and tray. Thank you so much.

    1. I used the textured card stock that probably is 65 lb. If you have 110 available, it would probably work too. The blocks are not that heavy, so they really don't need a lot of support.