Monday, May 20, 2013

June On the Docket Kit Swatch Key

This is the fabric swatch key to help identify the fabrics
included in the Spring 2013 Quilts, Etc. (Sandy, Utah)
June On the Docket project kits
available for purchase.

Kit fabrics are used to create the mini quilt shown (right) that celebrates dad activities. 

If you are interested in purchasing the "On the Docket: Summer" HSN 189 pattern by mail order from Hearthsewn, click here
(Please scroll through the pages to the 'O' section of the patterns listing.) Titles in the series include "On the Docket: Spring", "On the Docket: Autumn" and "On the Docket: Winter".

If you are interested in contacting Quilts, Etc., quilt shop in Sandy, Utah, to inquire about kit availability (and pattern as well), click here.

This kit and kits for previous On the Docket mini banner projects may be available for purchase while supplies last. 

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