Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dozen Squares Paper Quilt Blocks Display Suggestions

The "Dozen Squares" quilt blocks have recently become available 
from the SnapDragon Snippets design team 
through the online store at Silhouette America. 
"Dozen" refers to the fact that the collection includes 
one quilt block design for each of the 12 months.
If you have been interested in this set of designs, 
but aren't sure how to include them in your decor, here are some ideas. 
Select one you like best, then you are ready 
for a full year of sharing your paper (or fabric) creations!

The first display version is a wonderful tabletop easel that is made from wood components. It comes from staff designer Whitney at the Wood Connection Crafts in Midvale, Utah. (For more information about this project, click here, then scroll down to "Chic Multipurpose Block".)

Here I have displayed the April block connected to it's month label panel, with ribbon knot tails at top. It is held in place with strong magnet discs attached to its backside that attract to the metal plate on the easel. (NOTE: the cut file for each variation in this post is scaled smaller to fit the particular display treatment shown.)

This picture shows the display piece by itself. The block with finial, candle stick, wood applique and routed oval are joined, painted and distressed, with metal plate glued in place on the front. Another variation replaces the metal plate and magnet discs with a square of cork so the blocks can be pinned in place like a bulletin board.

My next variation is a cute tabletop wire frame from Ackfeld Wire Co. I used sheer ribbon ties threaded through the block's top hole punches to tie the block to the top of the frame. Frame details: item no. 88027, 6x6 fringed single stand in text linen (creamy white). Find this frame at www.ackfeldwire.com.

Or follow this link http://ackfeldwire.com/product_info.php?products_id=1000055 for the specific wire stand used here.

This side shot gives a better idea of how the wire frame 
actually looks and works.

The final display idea for this post is a fabric version. July's square is cut from Silhouette fabric interfacing (fusible web), assembled as a block, then fused to the front fabric panel of the sleeve (or fabric tube with muslin-faced side edges and ribbon on front and back at each end). For this version, I used the "July" tag from the Docket quilt block, but you could get creative to use the "July" from the lower panel of the Dozen block, too. The sleeve is placed over a stuffed muslin "quilted" pillow.

The sleeve is removable, so that when one month is done, the ribbon tie at one end is loosened to allow the sleeve to be removed. Then the new month's sleeve is replaced. Only one pillow needed for all twelve months.

Here is a closeup of the pillow with sleeve.

(If you would like more specific information about how I made my sleeve, dimensions, ribbon length, etc., email a request for "Dozen Squares Sleeve fact sheet" to hearthsewnpatterns@yahoo.com.)

At least one more idea for using this series of "quilt block" designs will be presented in a later post. Hope this gets your imagination and creativity flowing!

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