Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flying Geese Quilt Puzzle Blocks Patterns

This "Flying Geese" Quilt Blocks Puzzle is available as a cut file design
from SnapDragon Snippets through the Silhouette America online store.
The file includes the paper tray pieces, the paper block piece 
(to copy and prepare 16 blocks),
the block face square and the "flying geese" triangles.
Tutorials for constructing the tray and the block base 
can be found elsewhere on this blg.

This group of patchwork designs uses this "double triangle" to represent the flying goose. Motion, direction and energy are created by the angles of the triangles, making this a traditional and long-time favorite. The puzzle blocks are square and must therefore include a pair of geese triangles, so some of the variability is lost. But you will still have fun arranging the blocks to create varied patterns.

This layout is called "pinwheels" because four of the triangle tips come together at the center of each of the four "blocks" in a way reminiscent of a child's wind toy.

This pattern is called "star" or "nova star". Look closely to see how this one is different from the block layout above, with a square "hole" in the center of the block in place of the pinwheel tips coming together.

This pattern is called "china star". If the triangles could be manipulated and positioned one by one, the star would be more visible. See if you can see it. The places where the two triangles come together to form a square are the centers of the star that has six points.

This layout is called "flying geese" or sometimes "north and south". Again, if it were possible, it would be fun to make each "column" of geese in one color way.

This variation replaces four geese block faces with plain background squares. Putting the plain squares on the underside of the blocks will provide some additional variability.

Perhaps you can come up with additional layouts 
using the flying geese blocks. Or combine blocks from 
each of the four block patterns available to make 
wild and crazy new blocks and patterns. 
The other styles to look for include: 
half square triangles, log cabin, and crooked mile (drunkard's path). 

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