Sunday, July 20, 2014

3D Tiki Torch Decoration Tutorial

Dimensional tiki torch can be the featured design
on your banquet table for a pool or luau party.
Why not create a line of torches, both small and tall down the center?
Or place a few on the buffet serving table with prepared sign tags
to offer clues about the dishes
(such as "'desserts", "salads", "spicy", "gluten-free", etc.).
Separated into its component parts,
it is easy to construct.
Includes two sizes of stand posts for 
short version that stands approx. 13" tall,
or a taller one that is approx. 17".

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A stand base box upper
B stand base box lower
C decorative panel shapes
D pole body tube with dec strip
E pole cap tube with dec strip
F pole cap top hexagon
G fuel vessel tube
H fuel vessel tube bottom hex
I support straps main
J support straps lower reinforcer
K torch nozzle contour panels (6)
L torch top hex with flame hole
M flame strip (cut from print weight paper)

2. Form stand base box bottom by folding inward ("mountain") on all base and side (tab) perforations. Bring straight side edge to align with perforation angle, then align and attach tab to backside of side panel.

Repeat for all four sides.

3. Form stand base top by in similar fashion to box bottom by joining each side straight edges to tab perforation edge.

4. Fold pole shape at perforations to form a tube. Bring straight side edge and tab perforation edge together, align and attach.

5. Fit pole end tabs into the slots in the box top, then slide the pole in fully until tabs are completely inserted. (NOTE this will be a tight and secure fit.)

6. On the inside of the box lid, fold the tabs back and glue in place.

Fit the upper box/pole unit over the box bottom.

7. Fold pole cap shape on perforations at sides and upper tabs. Form into a tube by bringing straight side edge to align with tab perforation, align and glue in place.

8. Align and attach the cap top hexagon. One way to do this is to attach one straight edge at the tab perforation edge, then attach the opposite side and perf edge. When these joins are completed, adjust one remaining PAIR of edges and attach, then the final PAIR of edges.

9. Attach the lower strap reinforcement to the backside of the main strap shape, aligning all matching edges accurately.

10. Attach each strap end tab into corresponding slots in pole cap, working around until all six are in position. Glue tabs to the inside of the cap.

11. Attach the wide decorative strip at the slot level with seam to correspond with the strap shape's back seam panel.

Attach the narrow decorative strip at the bottom edge of the cap.

12. Fit the pole cap over the pole end. Glue in place, if desired. This is a snug fit, so gluing may not be necessary.

13.  Fold the fuel vessel shape on side and tab perforations, then form into a tube and join tab to side straight edge.

14. Attach vessel bottom end hexagon.

As the hexagon is being attached, it may be helpful to use a long tool with flat end (like a new pencil/eraser end) to help the seam attach. Insert the pencil end into the tube to press against tab and hexagon with flat surface underneath, moving along each edge to make sure a good consistent attachment is achieved.

15. Fold each of the (6) flame nozzle contour shapes as shown with alternating inward ("mountain") and outward ("valley") folds. Fold top and side tabs back.

16. Align the lower segment edge and tab perf line of the first two sections, taking care to align the lower edges and the cross perf lines of teach. Attach in place.

17. Align and attach the mid segment edges, then the upper segment edges.

18. Continue to join the remaining sections in the same manner. When the sixth section is in place, form a tube to bring the last section's tab edges under the first section's straight edges, and complete the seaming process one final time.

19. Prepare the flame by making sure each of the cut ends is separated, then begin at on end and roll the shape's connected end into a tube.

20.  Insert the short tab end of flame through the nozzle end hexagon hole (insert from the face side to the back).

On the backside, fold each of the tabs outward, then glue in place.

21. Position the flame hex over the top tabs (folded inward) of the nozzle assembly and glue in place.

22. Fit the nozzle assembly over the upper end of the vessel.

23. Attach the upper decor strip at the lower segment top edge (see next image to view the strip in place).

24. Insert the vessel assembly between the straps, rotating until the decor strip seam panel aligns with the connector mid strap tabs (this is the center back location). Align the mid strap lower edges even with the vessel lower edges, with the vertical straps extended up the centers of each panel, then attach all to the vessel edges.

Overlap center back straight edge and tab and glue.

Here is a shot of the pole and box base section with the pole cap, strapping, vessel and nozzle assemblies.

And here is the completed torch.

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