Monday, July 14, 2014

Flip Flop 3d Box

A thin lid and base box that looks like a miniature flip flop
can be a wonderful touch on a summer luncheon, bridal party,
birthday party, or tropical feast.
Angular shape makes it easy to attach the "boxing" flanges.
Embellish the side edges of the lid with contrast rectanges.
Toe straps tuck into slots to provide the arching dimension
of real flip flops. Three-layer flower is shaped and hold in place
with a regular size brad. Tiny tag can be name card.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A lid body 
B lid boxing strips, upper and lower
C base body
D base boxing 
E lid overlay main shape
F decorative overlay
G straps & offset decorative inner shapes
H three toe strap flower decorations

2. Fold the lid boxing strips tabs back, and fold inward on all vertical perforation lines.

Apply glue behind the lower "rim" tabs, then fold back and glue in place, except leave the long strip left end tabs open for joining the two strips before they are folded down.

3. Align the first edge of the lid upper boxing strip tab at the first upper half edge of body shape, as shown here. Attach in place, taking care that the straight edge and boxing segment are aligned as accurately as possible.

4. Continue aligning each successive segment of boxing strip with the corresponding body straight edge and attaching, until all of the upper strip edges are joined.

5. Align the tab end of lower boxing strip behind the upper strip side edge and attach. Fold the remaining rim tab back to overlap the joint tab and glue in place.

6. Continue to align and attach the segments and corresponding edges of lower boxing strip and flip flop body until all are in place. As the final segment is being attached, also align and glue the end tab behind the adjoining strip end edge. Fold the rim tab down and glue in place.

7. Position the decorative overlay centered on the main overlap shape (offset within slightly), adjust and glue in place.

8. Position the inner strap shape within the main strap shape and glue in place.

9. Shape the flower decor shapes by overlapping end petals forming a slight cupping shape, and glue in place. Repeat for all three flowers.

10. Thread flowers in order onto a regular size contrast brad. Position strap over overlay assembly with punch holes aligned, then thread brad prongs through hole and bend prongs back underneath.

11. Add some curl to both of the strap ends to give dimension and a realistic look to them.

12. Insert the strap end(s) through the corresponding edge slots until the perforation mark is at the slot level.

13. Fold the end under and glue in place securely. Repeat for the other strap.

14. Position and attach the overlay assembly over the lid, matching edges exactly.

15. Add the side decor shapes to each segment of the lid boxing. NOTE that these are offset in from the upper and lower edges slightly, but should reach to the end perforation lines of the boxing strip.

16. Repeat the boxing strip joining process to attach upper and lower strips to the base main shape. 

17. Fit the lid over the base shape to close the box. 

18. Prepare and attach the small name ID tag if desired.

Here are two views of the finished box.


  1. Replies
    1. The overlay shape is just to the right of the box top shape when the file opens up. It looks practically identical to the box top. If you need further explanation, please email me directly and I can send you an illustration with the overlay shape clearly marked.

  2. Hello, where can I find the templates for this beautiful project? Thanks!!!

    1. This design is available as a purchased downloadable svg cutting file for use with cutting systems such as Silhouette America's Cameo, or Cricket, and others. It is available through the Silh America online store, and will soon be available from SnapDragon, and is now available from SVG Attic. Hope this helps.