Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Stay Cool" Tropical 3d Box Card

Send some summer love (or a warm tropical breeze in winter)
with this colorful and interesting card in a box.
Bottom-less card box with front & side flaps that fold down,
and back flap that remains upright, plus two mid-box bridges
are the framework for attaching some fun theme 2d shapes.
Great as a display piece, yet it folds flat for tucking into
an envelope to give or send.
This design is (or will soon be) available as a purchased download
from SnapDragon Snippets
through SVG Attic and the Silhouette America online store.
View the tutorial steps here to see how easily
this rockstar card goes together.

1. Identify and cut the pieces.
Clockwise from lower left: box lower front accent shapes, box base with side flap accents on top, semi circle front flap accent with layered leaves, bridge strips, inside box back flap accent, sun, sunglasses, flip flops (shapes pre-assembled), coconut drink (shapes pre-assembled), stay cool cut phrase and accent (colors changed in final presentation).

2. Prepare the box base by folding as shown, inward ("mountain") folds on vertical box side perforation lines and tab, outward/down for flaps. Back flap remains upright.

3. Position and attach box lower outside accent pieces. NOTE that these shapes are sized to offset on two side and one top/bottom edge. Slide the top edge of accent piece up to the perf line so that the margin of box shows as side and bottom edges.

4. Position and attach the flap and back accents on the inside surfaces of the box base. NOTES: a) back flap has offset margins on side and top; b) side flap "grass/stray" shapes are offset, so slide top straight edge up to perf fold line; c) front flap semicircle accent should be positioned with top straight edge at perf fold line.

5. Form box into a tube to bring side tab and box side straight edges together. Overlap straight side edge over tab, align top and bottom of edges to be joined, then apply adhesive and complete seam.

6. Prepare bridge strips by folding side tabs back.

7. Position front bridge into position in the box's interior (spanning side to side) at one-third of distance from front to back. Make sure that the bridge's top edge is even with the flap folds. 

Glue side tabs in place. Then, before the glue has set up completely . . .

. . . fold the box into its flattened shape to help the bridges make a self-adjustment.

Apply pressure at the bridge attachment spots to help the bridge creases fold completely and make any adjustments necessary. 

8. Repeat the process to insert and attach the second bridge, placing it 2/3 back from the box front (or halfway in the space remaining), then fold and press to help the bridge's attachments adjust as necessary.

8. Layer the three leaf base (whole shape) with the half leaf shapes on top. Position and attach the two side leaves to match corresponding cut edges of front flap, then position and attach the center leaf.

9. Layer the sun shapes & sunglasses shapes. Attach glasses to sun front, then position and attach the sun to the upper part of the back flap.

(Check next photo to see recommended placement height.)

10. Assemble the left and right flip flops, then overlap and position on the back bridge a bit toward the left and relatively high.

(If your flip flops are "too floppy" like mine were, you may want to consider cutting a second pair of reinforcing base shapes to glue behind before attaching.)

11. Assemble the coconut cooler by layering outline shape over front shape, then positioning and attaching straw and umbrella bottom edges/ends behind the top front edge of coconut.

Finally, layer the back shape behind with edges matched to front shape(s) where appropriate.

12. Position and attach coconut assembly on the front bridge, tipped a little to the right and relatively high.

13. Layer the "stay" on front of the "stay cool" phrase cut out, then position and attach to the front flap so that some of the letters extend above the top flap.

Here is an image to show the profile of the card to see the layering on the bridges.

14. Once all the embellishing shapes are in place, carefully fold the card into it's flattened position to make sure there is no interference between the shapes.

This is the position the card will be in to fit into an envelope for giving or mailing.

Consider using the "envelope stars flap 7x7 for box cards" design available in the Silh Amer online store to mail or give this design.

And here is the finished card as seen from the front.


  1. I just finish making this but I can't find an envelope to fit it. Great file by the way.

  2. I just finished making this awesome card for my father, who LOVES Hawaii. I left the flowers off the flip flops. It will be a birthday card for him to enjoy year-round. I'm wondering if the front flap (where the saying is located) gets glued down as well? Otherwise it seems that my phrase wants to bend towards the coconut. This was very fun to put together. My finished card measures 7-5/8"x5-1/2". I purchased the envelope you recommended, and will scale it to fit, if for some reason it won't work. Thanks again!