Monday, November 10, 2014

Acorn and Pumpkin Stencil Burlap Canvas Frames

Two of the projects included as design files
in the "Enchanted Autumn" set from
SVG Attic are vinyl tile designs.
This time, however, instead of putting vinyl on ceramic tile,
I chose to cut the design from card stock,
then use that as a stencil on a ready-made
6x6 burlap canvas stretched frame
that I purchased for under $5 from Hobby Lobby.

I sized the cut file to my canvas, 
(just smaller than the 6x6 at 5.5" square)
then cut it from cardstock.
I sprayed the backside with craft spray adhesive
(you'll want to do a thorough spraying).
Then I centered the frame margin shape within the frame's edges,
then positioned and affixed the main stencil shape within that.
You'll want to apply pressure to the entire shape to make sure
that it will hold and prevent unwanted paint penetration at the edges.

When cutting a stencil, it is different than working with vinyl
because there may be smaller shapes that don't stay connected to
the whole shape. Simply spray adhesive to each small piece's
backside, then position on/within 
the stencil openings of the larger shapes.
Here (above and below) I am using a "weeded" leaf shape
to help me place the "vein" correctly.
The flourished pumpkin shape has fewer pieces
to place, but the procedure s similar.

Working in protected space, use regular hobby acryllic spray paint
to spray an even mist from above the stencil to thoroughly
coat the exposed areas. 
For my project, this included the side edges
of the canvas frame, anything that can be seen. 
Avoid spraying from the side angles over the stencil,
and try to get good coverage in one coat, since paint on the stencil
may cause the edges to curl up
and thus allow overspray from a second coat 
to work up under the stencil edges
and ruin the crisp edges of the stencil design.
Once the paint is dried, carefully remove all the pieces
of the stencil.

Once you enjoy how easy this kind of decor is to make,
and inexpensive, too,
you'll want to do some for all seasons,
or to give as gifts. 
Watch for tile designs in the SnapDragon Snippets portfolio
or from SVG Attic.

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