Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fringe & Acorn Candle Wrap & Napkin Ring

Add a festive touch to your harvest table
with ball fringe candy wrap band and napkin ring.
Dimensional slice form acorn has loop
to tie to attach a pair with twine or ribbon.

Cut file designs available for purchase and download
from (soon),
SVG Attic, and Silhouette America's online store.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
The fringe strips are slightly different widths in the center solid portion, layered narrowest to widest.

For the napkin ring as shown, use the two layers of fringe strips, along with a template cut corrugated paper strip (or machine cut decorative paper of choice). 

For the candle cuff as shown, you will use one additional fringe layer, so there are three strips. 

For the acorn, you will need:
A acorn body (across the bottom, l to r) bottom slot, middle top/bottom slots, top slot with hanger tab.
B hanger loop
C cap

2. Prepare the cap shape by folding back on all side, tab and triangle section perforation lines.

3. Fold the shape to bring together the straight triangle section edge to overlap the triangle tab, add glue, and join the seam.

4. Bend two adjacent side edges together, straight edge overlapping the mini-tab to the perf line, add glue and join.  Repeat for the remaining five seams.

5. Bend the edge tabs outward slightly to apply adhesive to the backside of each . . .

. . . then fold the tabs to the inside and hold until each is secure.

6. Slide the bottom slot body shape down to interlock with the two-slot shape as shown.

7. Insert the body assembly from step 6 above down to interlock with the top slot shape as shown.

8. Use a dull blade tool (such as this spatula) to open the top stem slot in the cap slightly, to ease insertion of the top loop tab.

9. Insert the top tab through the cap slot as the acorn body assembly is inserted into the bottom of the cap. Adjust the positioning of each slide into the angles of the cap, . . . 

then work each slide up fully into the cap, with the top loop tab fully exposed beyond cap.

(NOTE: for even more secure assembly, consider adding a bead of adhesive on the underside of cap at each ridge "valley" where the tops of body slices will fit.)

10. Fold the ring double shape in half, apply glue to the underside of both halves, then position over each side of the loop tabs. Align hole edges, and apply pressure until securely attached.

11. Prepare fringe strips for either candle cuff or napkin ring by folding the fringe upward, bending where the narrow "sticks" attach to the solid center. Bend along both edges of each strip being layered.

Also add some curl to the center portion of the strips.

12. For napkin ring, layer the wider and narrower fringe strips, then place plain-edge strip on the top. Glue the layers slightly.

13. Wrap the assembly around the rolled or folded napkin and secure the ends on the backside.

14. Cut a length of ribbon or jute twine, etc., wrap once or several times around napkin band. Thread an acorn onto each side, then tie the twine ends into knot and bow.

Here is how our finished project looks.

Of course, you can use the fringe bands alone, or only one acorn, or tie a different shape on for different occasions.

Assemble the cuff for candle in the same fashion. A) Join appropriate (with matched center widths) extender strips to each 11.5" length for all three layers of fringe, and accent strip. B) Bend fringe and add curl to strips. C) Layer and glue. D) Wrap around candle and trim excess; join at overlap. E) Wrap with jute, twine or ribbon as desired and thread acorn loops into ends before tying in knot and bow.

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  1. awesome. cant wait to make these for my thanksgiving table!