Friday, October 31, 2014

Decorated Large Pilgrim Hat Assembly Guide

Remember pilgrim days and feast celebrations
by building and decorating this large scale hat.
Measuring 6 inches tall and 10 inches across the brim,
the hex based crown becomes a wonderful pallet
for embellishment and decoration.
Cut file includes hat crown, brim, brim ring and cosmetic hex shape,
band in two parts or six, double-layer buckle, small flower shapes,
two maple leaf sizes, two wheat spikes, and spikey feather picks,
thanksgiving single-cut word and tag.
Other embellishments are purchased.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A crown section which includes top hex
B crown sections (5)
C brim and brim duplicate for reinforcement
D under-brim tab mask hex
E top brim edge reinforcement ring
F hat band separate segments (6)*
G buckle outer and inner shapes
H tag and "thanksgiving" word cutout
I wheat fronds (1 ea. or 2)
J small blossom shapes (7 or more)
K spiky feather sections (1 or 2)
L leaves: small and large
*can also be cut as 2 half-bands

2. Prepare the main crown section that includes the top hex by folding side tabs and top hex shape back, bottom tab outward.

3. Prepare the 5 other crown sections by folding side and top tabs back, bottom tab outward.

4.  Apply glue to tab, then overlap straight edge of adjacent crown section, adjust so top and bottoms are aligned, then apply pressure and join.

5. Repeat the process until all 6 sections are joined in sequence.

6. Form the crown assembly into a tube to bring the remaining straight edge and tab together. Apply adhesive, overlap, adjust and join as for the previous seams in Steps 4 & 5.

7. Fold the top hex shape into position to align edges and perforation lines at top of each sections. Apply glue to the tabs, re-position hex and adjust top shape to align exactly with top hex shape.

It will be helpful to reach inside the crown to apply pressure to the top seams.

8. Layer the brim and brim reinforcement shapes and glue together for one strong, double-layer brim.

9. Apply adhesive to the top surface of the crown bottom tabs. 

10. Slide the brim hex opening over the crown assembly so that the inner edges align along the crown edges, and it "seats" completely flat. Apply pressure along each seam until joined securely.

11. Apply adhesive to the underside of the brim ring, then position over the brim assembly, align edges exactly, then apply pressure until joined.

12. Apply glue to the underside of the under-brim mask hex shape, then position on the underside of the hat assembly at the edge of the crown opening to cover and hide the tabs. (This step and detail is optional.)

13. Join the two half at band segments (or, if using the optional six segments which can allow you to use patterns to your choice or advantage, join the segments end-to-end into the full six section length.

14. Form the band into a ring and glue final tab and edge.

15. Add glue to the underside surfaces of the band segments, then slide the band over the crown to the lowest snug position. Allow glue to secure the band in place.

(Take care when sliding it in place, of course, to avoid getting adhesive onto other crown surfaces.)

16. Layer the buckle shapes, then position and attach at the center of one of the crown faces, and attach in place.

Embellish the hat as desired.

17. To use the spiky feather shapes, fold on the perforations in accordion fashion to stack the narrow sections. Apply glue near the bottom between the layers to join the shape into a narrow profile.

Here you can see the model project with embellishing in progress. Prepare the tag and position to attach. Wheat fronds are glued in position. Purchased ribbon length(s) are gathered and attached, with purchased feather leaves. Place and attach the folded spikes. Cluster and attach the smaller flowers around a purchased paper flower or more, as desired.

Add curl to the leaf tips, if desired, then attach.

Here is another side view of the model project
completed with embellishments.


  1. I am absolutely loving this pilgrim hat! It would be the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece!

  2. Awesome:)
    Thanks for the photo tutorial!

  3. Love this piece! I made it and will share on the Silhouette blog as a design team post, hopefully on the 19th.

    1. What marvelous news. Always love to see the magic you make with our designs. Thankful you found this one. Will be watching!

  4. Can these pieces be cut on the Portrait or are they so big that I would need a Cameo? I think this project is really cute, and I'm thinking of using it as a Thanksgiving Day craft for the kids. :)

    1. Probably would need the Cameo. I am not that familiar with the size capacity of the Portrait. The largest pieces in this file are 5" x 7, and 10" x 10".

    2. Okay, thanks. The Portrait can only go 8" wide, so I would need to resize I guess.