Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mini Cauldron Candy Cup Assembly

Set your Halloween party table 
with a special favor at each place.
Mini witch's cauldron that holds a 2 oz. plastic food service cup
to fill with candy, nuts or other treats.
Handle is attached to move with mini brads
(or can be glued in place).
Use mini tag, or pumpkin or spider charm
to attach with handle to personalize.
Short feet extend through hex bottom,
and the same shape supports the cup in pot's interior.

1. Identify and cut the shapes. Shown as rows, (top to bottom) 
TOP 2 oz. plastic service cup, tiny brads, handle shape, pumpkin charm tag, top insert; 
MID cauldron body shape; 
BOTTOM rectangle tag, spider charm tag, feet/cup support insert, bottom

2. Prepare the body shape by folding all perforations as "mountain" or inward folds ...

 ... but, allow circle handle ring tabs to remain upright.

3. Prepare the rim. Except for the non-tabbed end section (see Step 6), apply glue to the second section in from top of each panel, leaving edge tabs FREE of adhesive. 

4. Fold the top sections down behind the main cauldron body section (fold on the second perf line down), and apply pressure to attach the rim back to the backside of body shape. Edge tabs and handle tabs remain free.

5. Form body into a tube, overlap the straight end edge of the corresponding tab perforation line. Adjust so that the upper rim fold or perf lines and bottom-of-segment perf lines match, then glue in place.

6. Apply glue to the unattached behind-body rim section (left un-glued in Steps 3 & 4), fold back into place and attach.

7. Bend the bottom sections inward slightly. Join each section's straight edge overlapped to the adjacent tab perf line, to form the bottom of the cauldron.

8. Prepare the foot insert/cup support by folding shaped tab feet back, also folding out the interior tabs.

9. Glue the outer portion of each* tab behind the support strip, leaving the interior tabs free and un-glued.

*Leave the end tab folded flat until ends of support strip are glued into a ring, in the next step.

10.  Form the support strip into a ring, overlapping the straight end over the corresponding tab perf line, adjust and glue to join.

11. Fold the final shaped tab foot into position and glue in place.

12. Insert the feet ends into the slots in the cauldron base hexagon, from the backside, then slide feet through to front side fully. The feet will fit snugly in slots.

13. Apply a dot of glue to the face side of the tiny interior tabs, then push each against the backside of the base hex and hold until secure.

This is how the feet/support and base unit should appear.

14. Position the base onto the bottom of the cauldron, inserting the support portion into the interior space. Apply glue to the body tabs, ... 

 ... then adjust base hex's edges to align with body edges, and hold in place until the joint is secure.

It will help to insert fingers into the interior behind the tabs to press against.

15. Fold each of the top, rim area tabs outward horizontally into the interior space.

16. Place the top hexagon insert into the cauldron, resting edges onto the tab ledge. Apply adhesive to the tabs, then position, adjust and glue the insert in place.

It will help to reach fingers through circle opening to press insert and tab surfaces together.

17. Fold the handle circle tab back.

18. Position each tab hold over a cauldron side tab hole, and attach with a mini brad (to allow handle to move), or glue in place in the desired up or down position.

If you plan to use a tag or charm, attach it to one side of cauldron as handle is being attached. 

20. Insert serve cup into the interior space. The bottom of the cup should rest on the interior support, with the rim near the insert level.

Here you can see the finished and filled cup.

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