Thursday, October 2, 2014

Skeleton Halloween Card with Moving Eyes Assemble

One-of-a-kind card (a7 5"x7" size) for Halloween greetings.
Dapper skeleton head with moving eyes
(left edge slider tab allows you to shift them slightly side to side)
sends a ghoulish equivalent of a wolf-whistle
with the sentiment your are "fab-BOO-lous!"

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
Not shown: card base shape, card front with slider slots, decor card  front & it's twin reinforcement shape.

Shown here are the pre-assembled decor shapes, excluding the skull base and accent shapes. and the phrase shape.

NOTE the slider base shape also has a rounded-edge rectangle reinforcement shape, here glued to the slider front. It can alternatively be glued to the back. Eye contrast (white) base shapes with black shapes are attached over the corresponding slider areas.

2. Insert the slider's finger tab end down-and-up through the pair of slots near the finger hole of the card front layer.

(Sorry about the glare from this guy's shiny eyes. He practically has X-ray vision!)

3. Insert the slider end tabs into the horizontal slots pair at the right end of the  front shape, flexing the slider end slightly to get the tabs into place.

Test the slider by moving back and forth. The range of movement is not great, by design.

This is the card front as seen from the back, with the slider tabs in place.

4. A reinforcement shape is provided to add stiffness to the decor front shape, which will assist the slider to work more easily. Apply glue to the shape's backside, then align edges that correspond and glue in place on slide assembly panel backside. 

5. Apply adhesive to the decor front assembly, but taking care to keep glue away from the slide action area. Glue is applied ONLY to the reinforcement shape area.

6. Position and center decor card front over slider card base with offset edges evenly spaced all around. Glue in place.

Test the slider action to make sure the mechanism has not been glued in place.

7. Layer the skull base and upper, lower decor shapes, taking care to line up corresponding edges and eye holes.

8. Position upper and lower teeth behind mouth opening, with adhesive applied to the narrow margin at top or bottom only, then center and align (teeth sections do not overlap) and glue in place.

9. Apply adhesive to the skull backside. Position skull over decor card front and center it, with chin bottom center edge aligned at card front bottom edge, and skull top center aligned at tiny position dash on card front, and glue in place.

10. Position and attach hat assembly over top of skull with top highest tip at card edge, right brim tip at card side edge.

11. Position and attach phrase pieces over hat. It may be helpful to "dry fit" the shapes first, and also to position and attach "fab" and "lous!" at edges, then fit the "BOO" in between.

12. Finally, position the card front assembly over the card base shape front, aligning edges that correspond, including finger tab opening at left edge.


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  1. I made this for my son in law as a birthday card but made it 8x11 it worked great, thank you