Sunday, October 12, 2014

Book of Spells 3d Gift Card Holder Assembly

A fun and "spooky" way to treat someone
this Halloween will be to create this 3d closing book
that conceals a gift card platform inside.
Or leave the insert out and enclose a small gift instead.
Embellished with cover "moon" corner brackets,
side closure (use temp glue dot), pentagram, and key,
you can further custom embellish it the way you wish.
Cut file available (soon) from SnapDragon Snippets
through Silhouette America's online store,

and from SnapDragon .

1. Please refer to the 3d Book Gift Card assembly guide by clicking here

Follow Steps 1-11 through to the end, but REFER to Steps 2-5 in this tutorial during the process.

The only differences will be illustrated and explained in THIS tutorial, so come back when the basic assembly is done.

A. The Book of Spells file includes a front cover base shape, outer spine long rounded strips, and a side tab.

B. The sample in this tutorial uses the same paper for the main cover, and for the inside cover shapes.

2. Assemble the cover by adding the spine strips detail as explained in A. above.

3. Complete the pre-assembly of label with words, and two-part pentagram. If desired for durability, consider cutting 2-3 key shapes and layering/gluing into finished key.

4. Assemble cover with details. NOTE that the upper left corner bracket will have two hole punches that should line up with the holes in the cover shape. These are used to attach the key with short link chain, if desired. You may wish to attach this corner first, then match the offset margin for the remaining corners

5. Center the assembled cover and glue/attach to the front cover with equal offset margin around edges and next to spine perforation.

6. Complete the book box assembly.

Fold the closure tab on perforations (both as "mountain" folds). Center and attach the plain tab to the backside of the cover. 

7. Load the gift card onto the platform, ready for gifting, then close the box and wrap the closure tab to the front.

For a temp closure hold, use a temp sticky dot under the front decor tab shape, perhaps on each side of the keyhole. Press to the front cover to close fully.

Here the book is complete...
with just a few more images for reference.
 Hope you had fun with your project!


  1. This is so cool! Would the cut files be compatible for the Silhouette Portrait?

  2. I can tell you from my current experience, the Cameo works best.