Sunday, August 3, 2014

3D Book Box Gift Card Holder Tutorial

Create this miniature but very realistic 3d book box gift card holder
to express thanks to a teacher or school administrator,
or to wish your student (young or old) good luck
for the scholastic new year.
Construction moves quickly, with inner cover liners with positioning guides,
inner spine strips for realism (use a contrast two-sided cardstock),
lid (front) and back "page" boxes, and inner liner to hold card.

This box looks so realistic, you'll want to make complete library!

1. Identify and cut the pieces. 
A Book outer "cover"
B Front inner cover liner
C Back inner cover liner
D Inner spine decor strips
E Front inner "box"
F Back inner "box"
G Card insert

NOTE that if A is cut from a card stock paper that has the appropriate contrast backside color, the finished box will have a more realistic look. The paper in our sample has a yellow back side.

2. Position B front inner and C back inner cover liners on the backside of A cover so that outer three edges line up. 

(In this image, the "front" liner on the right is already in place, and the "back" liner on left is being positioned.)

3. Position the five decor spine strips in the space between the cover liners. These shapes simulate the look of a vintage book spine.

Slightly fold the spine perforation lines to give the binding section the rounded look of a real book. Fold the end perforations completely, so the covers will close when the book is finished.

4. Prepare the FRONT inner box :
a. fold tall end edge side and flange inward at perforation fold lines.

b. fold the side edge sides and flanges inward at perforation fold lines to a 90 degree angle.
c. insert side tabs between front and flange and glue in place.

5. Repeat the process for the short inner side, folding side tabs inward, then folding short side and flange to wrap around the tab, and glue short flange and side together.

6. Fold the side flanges inward into place and glue.

7. Repeat the process to prepare the inner BACK box, where all sides are of the same height. (See the completed back box two images further in the blog.)

8. Prepare the card insert in a similar fashion, folding the sides and ends inward, folding end tabs inward, then wrapping and gluing sides and ends inward to wrap over and enclose the end tabs. 

Here is the insert box completed.

And here are all the components completed to this point.

9. Position and attach the front inner box so that the outer corners align with cover triangle cut outs as shown. At the spine edge, the inner lower box edge will line up exactly even with the inner cover edge. 

10. Position and attach the back inner box so that the outer cover triangle cuts and the box's corners all align. NOTE that the inner edge of the back box will be offset inward slightly from the inner "spine" edge of the cover liner.

11. Position the insert into the back box recess as shown.

This image shows the gift card inserted into the corner cuts of the insert's surface.

Close the book by making sure that the front box's side and end walls slide over the outside of the back box smoothly.

Here are the finished images to compare.


  1. Is this in the Sil store? Thank you for writing out instructions instead of making a video. Due to being on satellite internet with a certain amount of download time, I can't watch videos so having the written instructions is such a plus for me. I bought the fire hydrant and fire truck and just printed out the instructions. Now the hard part, picking out cardstock to use.

    1. Will be submitted with this week's batch, hopefully accepted and posted on Monday or Tuesday. To be able to include our link with the design on Silh, they have instructed us to create a "ghost" post to create the link, then fill it in with the actual photos and instructions as soon as possible. Hope this works for you and the rest of the customers. Real instructions and the photos should be on the site by Monday 8-4-14. Thanks for your interest and the time and trouble to make a comment. We really appreciate it.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. Almost without exception, we cut our large pieces up so that they remain compatible with the smaller format papers.

  3. I would also like to know if this is 8 1/2 x 11 compatible. Love it!!!

  4. Hi Jodi! I am brand new to the Cameo. Your book box was the first design I bought. I cut it out last night and just put it together. This is an absolutely clever project. The design is so exact. Easy put up. Although I could have been better on the placement of the inner boxes, I don't really care. I had too much fun. I keep opening and closing it. Thank you so much for this delightful project.

  5. Yes, it is. But the new larger "Book of Spells" gift card box requires 12x12 for the all-in-one cover.

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  7. Interesting tutorial, how long did it take for you to make it? Access Cards

  8. I cannot get mine to stay shut. I've looked it over and can't find a reason. Any suggestions?

    1. This first version is meant to be a tight enough fit to stay closed. Later versions use a latch and nib, but even they need temp adhesive help. I would consider putting a strip's worth of roller adhesive tape or something like it under the lid side "pages" edge and apply pressure when it is closed to see if that will help.

  9. Is it possible to cut on a 6x6 paper? Thanks

    1. So sorry, but this will require larger cutting capacity than that.


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  12. Thank you for the nice design. Here in Germany we have cardstock with 180 gr/m2 and 300 gr/m2. What ist the best choice for this project?

    1. From what I can tell, the weight of textured cardstock we usually use is between 180 and 215 gr.