Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tray & Tote for Mini Loaf Assembly Guide

Compliment your home baked mini loaf gift
by quickly constructing this ends-folded and lace flap tray
sized to fit the standard "baby" mini loaf pan 5.75” x 3.25” x 2”.
Use the tray alone, or combine with this three-shape
tote handle add on. Sling part cradles loaf tray, 
handles fold and join above, handle overlay adds interest and strength.
This design is part of a canning and kitchen gifts group
available for purchase and download from SnapDragon Snippets,
from the Snippets outlets (online store thru website,
SVG Attic, and Silhouette America's online store).

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A tray box
B lace edges (2)
C sling of carrier
D handle of carrier
E decorative handle shape

2. Prepare the tray box shape by folding on the perforation lines as shown. Fold the edge tabs back. Fold tray bottom "rectangle" perforation lines and corner diagonal lines as "mountain" or inward folds.

3. Bring corners together as shown and glue inside surfaces that touch.

4. Fold the corners toward the side center, apply glue to the underneath surface, then re-position against the tray side and hold in place until secure.

5. Fold the side tab down to overlap the upper edges of the folded corners assembly and glue securely in place to help hold the corners.

6. Fold and glue the remaining side tabs in place.

7. Fold the lace edge shape upper tab down, apply glue to the underneath area of the tab, then position the lace edge over the long side edges and glue tab along the inside of the tray.

8. Prepare the sling shape by folding the side extensions upward, with the face side outward.

This image shows how the tray will fit into the sling, but keep the sling separate until the assembly in the following steps is completed.

9. Prepare the handle shape by folding inward at the center (top) perforation line, and outward at the lower (sides) lines, as shown. Glue the upper handle opening portions together.

10. Fold the decorative shape in half, then slide over the main handle shape and glue in place. 

(NOTE that the final project in this tutorial has a higher contrast decorative shape that was substituted for the one shown.)

11. Overlap handle ends over sling extensions, align holes and glue overlapped surfaces together. Attach eyelets or decorative brads if desired.

12. Fill the tray with your baked goods, then slide it into place and center over the sling base section. You may wish to assist it to stay in place by applying temporary glue dots between tray bottom and sling inside surfaces.

Here is the finished project.


  1. This is such a fun way to present a mini loaf of bread! A wonderful idea!

  2. This is great! It almost makes me want to start baking again! Almost...

  3. What paper did you use for this?

    1. The multi colored plaid for tray is Raining Cats & Dogs Puppy Love #4500958 by graphic 45; the orange fleur de lys for the upper handle is An Eerie Tale Collection Grand Illusion #4500939 by graphic 45; the handle decoration teal window pane plaid is Imaginary Friends Knock Knock 09816 by My Little Shoe Box; the teal dot I can't identify, but there are many that would work. Good luck.