Sunday, August 17, 2014

Candy to Airplane Conversion Kit

You may remember creating airplanes 
from wrapped candy as a youngster.
This design file includes paper shapes to wrap around fuselage body,
wing shape that wraps around body tube, tail wing and fin,
wheel shapes and propeller.
Large plane uses large Tootsie Roll for body
with Hershey's milk chocolate with almonds bar for wings.
Small plane uses "penny" candy Tootsie Roll for body,
with double chewing gum stick wings.
Both sizes use Lifesaver Candy rings for wheels.
Secured together with rubber band(s) (with glue assist!).

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
Large: main wing (top), body wrap (under Tootsie Roll) over wing (center), tail fin (reddish), tail wing (bottom center, propeller and center circle, wheel circles, rubber bands (2), and candy.

Small: main wing (top left), over wing, body wrap (lower left), wheel shapes, propeller and center circle, tail fin (deep teal), tail wing, rubber band, and candy.

2. Center the body wrap shape along the backside of the Tootsie roll package and glue in place. Light application of hot glue works well here, and whenever attaching paper shapes to the candy wrappers. Wrap rectangle around to overlap the first edge, and glue in place.

3. Twist the end of the wrapper into the propeller "pin" to designate that end as the front

4. Prepare the wing section by folding the wings on the half perforation lines (inside to inside), and also fold outward (valley folds) at the side center perforations on the "whole" wing portion, then use pressure between thumb and finger to add some curl to the center section. The center will wrap around the curve of the Tootsie roll, and this prep will assist that fit.

5. Apply glue ONLY to the whole wing end, but NOT beyond the perforation line. Fold the wing halves at cross perforation line and hold until the glued section(s) are secure. The center "curled" portion and the overlap tab of the separated wings will be free of adhesive and unattached.

6. Insert the candy roll between wings into the "curled" portion, and allow the separate wing tabs to overlap on the top of the candy roll.

7. Compare the positioning of the overlapped upper wing to the separate over wing to match the length (since at this point the separate wing halves are adjustable), then secure this adjustment by gluing the wing tabs to each other and to the candy wrap rectangle.

(The over wing is used in the next step.)

8. Position the wing candy bar over the wing assembly and attach (hot glue again). Position the over wing over the candy bar and attach (hot glue or tape, etc.)

9. Prepare the tail fin by folding ends outward at perforations, and adding curl to the center section.

10. Wrap the tail fin shape around the candy roll approx. 1/2" from the end, then layer, align and join the fin portions to each other. Make sure the fin is perpendicular upward from the horizontal front wing assembly.

11. Prepare the tail wing by folding the two halves together at cross perforation and gluing the touching surface together.

12. Slide the tail wing slot over the fin tip, then secure in place with well-placed glue at the base area under the wing.

13. For the large plane, loop the ends of two regular rubber bands together securely. (Colored bands were obtained from a large office supply store.)

14. Attach the Lifesaver rings to the front of a wheel shape (hot glue here; unwrapped candy probably won't be consumed).

15. Pass one end through each of the candy/wheel assemblies.

16. Move wheels toward band center on each side of "knot", then spread and wrap band loops over wing tips. On top front of plane, adjust the bands to be flat and attractive, and fairly close to the body roll.

17. Attach the propeller nose ring circle to the front of the propeller with glue. Then slide the propeller assembly over the twisted wrapper "pin". Secure with a dab or two of glue as invisibly as possible.

Here is the completed large bar plane.

18. Wrap the body wrap rectangle around the small Tootsie roll, overlapping to create the seam on the center backside.

Twist the front end wrapper into a propeller "pin" (see Step 3 above).

19. Fold wing shape on the cross perforation line. Also fold the "whole" section perforation lines outward, then add curl to the center section as for the large wing (see Step 4 above).

20. Insert the candy roll between whole wing into the "curled" area, with upper separate wing tabs positioned on top of the roll, with tabs overlapping. Align the tiny notches on each tab front edge to achieve the best wing width to match standard size gum sticks, or adjust as needed to fit the gum sticks you are using.

21. Tape two strips of wrapped stick gum together to improve rigidity. I use cellophane tape.

22. Position and attach the gum sticks and the over wing shape over under wing assembly.

23. Prepare the tail fin by folding tips outward at perforations, adding curl to the center section.

24. Wrap the fin around the candy roll so that the fins will extend perpendicular to front wing. Add glue and align fin tips and hold until secure.

25. Prepare the tail wing by folding and gluing the halves together. Slide the tail wing slot over the fin tip, move down until tight against body roll, then secure with a couple of dabs of glue. under the wing at fin base.

26. Join Lifesaver rings to wheel circles.

27. Use a single rubber band. Thread through the wheel axle holes with wheels back to back.

28. Move wheels toward center, then spread and wrap band loops over wing tips. On top front of plane, adjust the bands to be flat and attractive, and fairly close to the body roll.

29. Attach nose circle to front of propeller, then thread this assembly onto the twisted wrapper at plane's front end.

Here is the small plane finished.

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  1. Absolutely genius! Can't wait to give this a try! Love your stuff!