Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pint Jar Gift Tote Assembly Guide


If you create and gift wonderful jams, jellies, salsa or relish,
here is a perfect companion design to make the givin' extra fun.
Specially sized to fit a half pint jar (6-8 oz capacity),
the body of this handle tote goes together in two sections
that can be cut from 8.5x11 cardstock.
Folded-together handle topper attaches to sack's back upper edge
so that jar can be inserted.
Hole punch pairs can be threaded and tied with narrow ribbon
or clasped with regular sized brads.
Attach the layered tag for a quick embellishment.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box front and back
B decorative top "handle"
C offset handle
D layered three-piece tag

2. Prepare the front and back by folding on the perforations. Fold all perforations ad inward (mountain) folds, except center top perforation line (just below punch circles), side tab perforation lines, and diagonal side folds which are folded inward, or as "valley" folds.

Shown here is the diagonal side fold being manipulated so that as side vertical (tall) folds create the box shape, the horizontal side section fold also folds as mountain, but the diagonal fold is a valley. This configuration roughly resembles a milk carton top.

3. Join the front and back first side seam by overlapping the straight edge of one to the perforation line at the tab of the second shape, including the bottom and top flanges. Take care that the shapes are also aligned accurately from top to bottom.

NOTE that the seam runs up the center of the side area.

4. Fold the shapes into a box tube to overlap and join the second side edges.

5. At the box bottom, fold the side flanges in, then bottom and top so that the straight edge of one shape overlaps the tab to the perforation line of the other at the center line. Glue tabs and flanges securely between the layers that touch.

6. At box top, push the center sides inward to configure the folding as shown here.

It will help to crease these edges once the proper configuration is achieved.

7. Layer and attach the decorative top handle shape over its offset shape.

8. Fold the handle shape as mountain center fold, valley side folds (this image shows the assembly from the back side, so these directions might seem "backwards" from what is viewed here.

9. Apply glue to one section at edges around the handle opening. Press the two sections together while folding at the center fold. Join securely.

10. Overlap the handle back flange at "back" (choose one side as front, etc.) so that punch holes line up. Glue the handle and box surfaces that touch together securely.

11. Assemble and attach the layered tag with twine or ribbon.

This is how the assembly should look at this point.

The half pint jar can be inserted easily to show through the window.

12. To secure the handle on the front, insert regular size brads through all handle and box layers and secure on the back. Or thread a length of ribbon through the holes with streamers left on the front to tie into know and bow.

Now your wonderful home canned goods
are ready to share with family, friends and neighbors.
Use holiday colors for the tote to prepare
a unique and beautifully packaged Christmas gift.


  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't even think of gift boxes for the jars! This is perfect! I also love the look of lace on the top. It really dresses it up so much!

  2. This is wonderful! What a pretty way to give a canned gift!

  3. Is this a pint jar or a half-pint jar? It looks like my jelly jars which are half-pint (8 oz). A pint is 16 ounces and is much larger and heavier, especially when filled. Need to know before I order to use as gift boxes for my homemade jams and jellies. Thanks!

    1. This is designed to hold the smaller half pint jars that we usually use for jams and jellies. I will fix the descriptions so that they say the correct size. I just checked the volume, and it is 8 oz. full capacity, but I usually only get about 6 oz. of jam into the jar. That sound like your experience?

    2. Yes! When you leave "head space" you really only get about 6 oz in the half-pint jars. I did buy some little squatty 4 oz jars for my "special" jams like onion and banana pepper. Thanks for clearing that up for me. The box will be a nice addition to presenting the jam/jellies as gifts. I'm ordering it right now. :)

  4. This ia also a perfect size to fit a small jar candle from Dollar Tree!