Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mini Mason Jars "Preserving Memories" Card

Share the bounty of the harvest season with this 5x7 card
"preserving memories" (the sentiment declared inside).
Three mini mason jar "tags" slide behind the lacey liner shelf
and can be used to add additional written sentiments, if desired.
View a few construction pointers below.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
Left columncard base, lace shelf edge, shelf/pouch shape
Right column: assembled jar tabs with lids and rims or faux fabric topper, fruit contents; preserving memories cutout words on offset decorative base shape

2. Prepare the shelf pouch shape by folding inward in half, with side and center tabs folded to extend back.

3. Apply adhesive to a narrow margin (1/8" or less) of the sides and bottom of the shelf unit. Insert the center tabs through corresponding slots to the pouch backside. Fold each inward and glue tabs and edges in place. Also fold back and glue side tabs in place.

4. Fold the long top tab of the lace edge back, then apply adhesive to the face side of the tab, position it along the front top of the pouch shape, center, and glue in place.

5. To help the lace edge flap stay in play, place a glue dot between center scallop extension and shelf pouch, then fold back into position and press to secure.

6. Position and attach the shelf assembly over the card base lower front edge, aligning edges that match up for correct positioning.

7. Prepare the jar tabs by layering the fruit shapes into a unit, attaching jar outline and lids, or faux fabric topper as shown here. 

NOTE that the topper has slots that can accept narrow ribbon, as an added detail, if desired. Indicated here, the ends have been folded to the back of the topper shape and glued in place.

As options, you can cut and attach toppers for all three jars, or all lids instead. Or other combinations of toppers and lids.

8. Complete the front assembly by sliding the lower portion of the jar tabs into their shelf pouch compartments.

9. Complete the inside of the card by preparing the layered sentiment with offset base shape, "memories" and "preserving" in that order.

Here is a view of the completed card from the front.


  1. Wow! This is gorgeous! You really captured the jars on a shelf idea PERFECTLY!

  2. My vision came from your vision, instantaneously!

  3. Super cute! These are perfect for this time of year!